Spoilers: Walking Dead #171. The Princess is crazy

The Walking Dead is great at introducing over-the-top characters. The Princess follows that tradition. Check out the spoilers for The Walking Dead #171, out tomorrow. It comes in a regular and variant covers. Spoiled images are behind spoiler warnings. The Accompanying text is not.

There is no doubt this is a full first appearance. But it remains to be seen if The Princess is friend or foe.
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Michonne has an idea.

And tries something different.

Surprise, a response.

And we see her for the first time. The Princess.

Her memorable first line.

Introductions are made.

Distrust quickly sets in.

Like I mentioned, she is a little crazy.

But she quickly proves useful.

Time to get moving

But first….

Still not trusting.

On the way, time for some politics.

Is it a trap?

Michonne reacts.

Like I said, she is crazy.


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18 Responses to Spoilers: Walking Dead #171. The Princess is crazy

  1. agentpoyo says:

    She seems awesome, I can’t wait until she dies, she’s already getting on my nerves. 😉

  2. Mewchonne says:

    OMFG she’s hilarious. I love her. Poor thing has probably been alone in the city for years.

  3. Shines says:

    Ok, what’s the deal with the pink signature variants?

  4. oh I already like her crazy azz. I can’t wait till she comes to the TV show now.

  5. Matthew Garrett says:

    Is there a way to read this right now @anthony? I would love to read it! I want to pick it up tomorrow, but can’t due to school and work :/.

  6. Jeff says:

    Pink signature is a 1:7 ratio

  7. Comics Rule! says:

    Did she appear anywhere in #170? Just wondering if TWD #170 might become a good spec as well.

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