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    1. Whether you’re a sane and balanced human being that can’t stand trump, or you’re a little bit sadistic and xenophobic….. everyone is interested in trump in one way or another!

  1. I would think very quick spec potential on this one… Doubt any room for profit will last long.The only Trump related comic that seems increase in value slowly is the Trump vs Clinton Uncivil War comic/coloring book. Even with that the prices are all over the place. From $15 to $30 plus.

    1. It depends what happens on the global political spectrum.
      As it has Putin on the cover it could become a real collectors item.
      If Trump ends up being humiliated by China and Russia in the ongoing imperial power struggle that we are currently witnessing with North Korea and Syria then those who dislike him would no doubt be amused every time they looked at this cover…. once trump has been forced out of power that is.
      For those weirdo xenophobic morally sadistic Trump sycophants…. well they would probably see it as some form of homage to him.
      In summary, I think that the long term potential of this cover very much depends on how things pan out in this ongoing flexing of muscles (measuring of penis sizes) that we are currently observing!

      1. “once trump has been forced out of power that is”
        You really are a tool and shouldn’t operate heavy machinery without a helmet

      2. Lonzilla, notice the if’s i have used.
        Not saying he will be….. perhaps saying he should be…. either way he’s too old for a second term, I doubt even he wants that.
        He’s got his name cemented into the history books now so guess his main ambition for being president has been secured.

      3. Also lanzilla, not sure if perhaps you’re only watching Fox News but try putting on some international news, like BBC from UK.
        Basically Russia and China are completely bossing Trumo over North Korea. Perhaps US media are trying to avoid highlighting just what has been said but China have for all intents and purposes told Trump if he attacks North Korea then they will stand against him!
        Putin has more or less said the same.
        So basically trump has a decision to make.
        Take on the entire world (because believe me the UK and Europe won’t stand behind America in a war against China and Russia) or back down.
        Either way I’m sure the educated classes of America won’t allow him to take you guys into a war you simply have no chance of winning.

      4. And if trump is forced to back down over NK he will almost certainly resign as America can’t afford to have a weak president in power.
        As such, unless he finds a way to back down on NK whilst keeping his respect, he will for all intents and purposes be forced out of power.
        Anyway I stopped using Facebook to avoid these types of debates so let’s leave it at I accept your opinion that trump is good and I hope that you can accept my opinion (and that of about 99% of the world population) that he isn’t good.
        Peace! (If only trump has that word in his vocab….)

      5. Karl… We get it. You don’t like Trump…But to start calling those who do xenophobic and sadistic is only self serving. Every other country in the world strictly secures their borders and enforces their laws and no one calls them names. There is nothing wrong with wanting the laws of a sovereign nation to be followed.

      6. No sane and informed americans like trump.
        Fox viewing tools? sure, they like him – but they also liked GWB and thought Iraq attacked us on 9/11.
        Trump could easily be forced out of office depending on the results of the russia investigation. Republicans started impeachment of nixon after public sentiment turn against him enough, and nixon’s actions were arguably less obviously criminal (obstruction of justice)

  2. I couldnt find it anywhere on line, i was hoping to get it for its Mocking value, it would have been the best comic ever, you know it and i know it and everybody in this room knows it, and there would be many,many, many, many, many, more successful comics about him !

  3. I like the 181 Trump Homage cover but that’s how far my Trump comic collection goes. I do see real spec value in Trump parody books if it comes to an impeachable offense in the future.

    1. Only speculation of wrong doing, no concrete evidence so I wouldn’t hold out for an Impeachment…If he wins a second term there would be a bit of spike with all this stuff….For the most part I would sell anything that is hot right now. Only my opinion but I just don’t see most of it, outside of a select few items (like the 181 homage) holding their value for too long.

      1. Guns and cash go into Mexico all day everyday. Drugs come out all day everyday for the last 50years it’s CIA’s fault not Obamas. Wall won’t stop either one or illegal immigration. They have huge tunnel networks and are now using stealth drones to bring things across.

      2. Well, a wall alone certainly won’t do the trick. A wall that is properly funded with enough technology helping and enough well trained border officers/equipment along with the National guard(when needed) without question could secure the border. Not 100%…just too many miles of that border to perfectly secure it, but it could certainly be done significantly better! I live in CA and really, far too many people just cross right over as if it is no big deal. It is a problem. A big one. for anyone who has lived here more than a few decades there is a very noticeable difference with very little of that positive. No matter what the media tries to spin the increase in crime in cities that have a large illegal alien population is significant. The funds that go to educate, feed, jail and house many of these “immigrants” could also go to better use, such as Veterans, schools, infrastructure, homeless Americans to name a few… No one wants to be cruel, but it is getting to the point where their is no other way. Its out of hand and out of control with few trying to gain any kind of control. What needs to be done, is the laws need to be enforced. To theleter..blindly. The US with those born here or those who come here legally deserve to live in a country that secures its borders and enforces its laws just as every other country in the world does.

  4. Still worth putting a copy away, it’s gonna have more potential value as a political collectible than as a comic book. Maybe awhile down the road, but history has ways a rewriting itself. Look at all the current Reagan interest, and back then, he was considered by many to be as scary as Trump is (well, maybe a bit less). Anyone remember Genesis’ “Land of Confusion”? Ronnie Raygun? Reagan’s Raiders?
    Same with the Clintons…scandal after scandal, outright lied to America on TV, and we still almost allowed them back in the White House.
    And please, I’m not taking political side either way here… Just pointing out the potential of seeing this as a long term political collectible as opposed to comic book fliip.

    1. You make a solid point. People who collect politics-related items will do so regardless of what it is. I would argue decades from now this most recent election and the Presidency of Donald Trump which has inspired many opinions (as this comment board itself illustrates), will be heavily studied and have collectors interested in memorabilia related to it.

    2. Print run could have a lot to do if this becomes a big or small collectible…or dollar bin fodder….Anyone have the print run on this? If it is huge, I still wouldn’t put too many away if any…If it is smaller than most thought it would be…Well, that might be what it takes to become a winner down the road.

  5. I think a handful of comics hardly qualifies as a “winner”. I checked this morning and only 11 copies had sold. Checked again now 8 hours later, still 11, with 25 currently available.

      1. Well with more information coming out about all the illegals that voted I’m pretty sure Trump won the popular vote as well as the electoral college. But the liberal media won’t talk about that because it just proves that Trump was exactly right. It was already declassified in the 60’s/70’s that the CIA was infiltrating local and national news to sway the American public into believing there bullsh*t. So what makes you think they are still not doing it. Don’t be so naive. Just look whenever a Democrat gets caught doing something illegal its either buried in the news or they just don’t report anything about it. Just look at yesterday’s NYT article about the New Jersey Democratic senator Bob Menendez being tried for bribery and corruption charges. Nowhere in the article did it say anything about him being a Democrat until people started calling out the guy that wrote it. He then added it after the fact. Like I said after the fact. But if it was a Republican it would have been front page news with the word REPUBLICAN in big bold letters. No don’t get me wrong the republicans are just as bad. If you think that there is a true left and right side of the aisle your an idiot. Not a single one of there sorry ass’s gives a crap about any American except for themselves. And all they care about is getting re-elected. Think about it some of these senators have been in office for decades and still nothing gets done. The current climate that we are living in is exactly the way they want. Every year we lose more and more of our god given rights that they try and pass off as security for you and yours. Divide and conquer is how they do it. It’s even funnier seeing the idiots on t.v. that are crying for all the free stuff. If you love socialism so much move to Venezuela and ask them how much they like it. You might wanna watch the Matrix again and figure out which color pill your taking. “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.” ( Thomas Jefferson )

      2. No politicians are for the people Left, Right, Independent. None are better than the other all are liars. When you praise any politician your praising your own slave masters right to rule and govern you with their laws.

    1. DJ Chump is a snake oil salesman with no empathy or integrity. I still can’t believe almost half of the American voting population voted for a con artist. Terrible human/president .

  6. Anthony, I appreciate you want to give folk a heads-up about this comic and putting-up with the debate that ensues regarding politics because this is of course, a political comic. You deserve mad props as I talked with stores about this title and some said they avoided it as they don’t want to carry, “Political books,” due to a fear of debate or anger. Clearly, that has happened here but its worth it to know folk might be able to make some cash off of this book–and isn’t making some money all part of the American dream, kinda?

    1. I am non-political. Left, Right, this site is about the flip so I have no problems pointing out a book that is flipable. Thanks for pointing it out David. I always keep my personal politics, sports teams (Orioles by the way), Religion (Buddhist leaning agnostic) and other controversial stuff off the site.
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      1. I almost had kidney failure, took three ambulance trips to the hospital until they found out what was wrong. After the third trip on the ambulance was admitted for 2 weeks until I recovered. We both work full time in my household but because of the insane cost of living in Hawaii we get free state insurance. There has been free insurance in Hawaii well before Obamacare and we will continue to have free insurance in Hawaii even if they scrap Obamacare. Hawaii’s healthcare system is based off aloha because Hawaii understands healthcare is a basic human right that everyone needs.

      2. Now I need to move to Hawaii. 1/2 of my wife’s paycheck goes to healthcare insurance. But everyone is covered and little to nothing comes out of our pockets. We try not to get government help cuz when u get older… That’s when they strike lol

      1. I agree, people can’t seem to help themselves when it comes to politics, but the discussions on here are relatively civil.

      2. I’d rather see discussion over whether Weapon H has legs or is a flash in the pan (or anything comic related) than the same pro or anti Trump crap I can get in a million other places. Comic sites like this one ( and i
        read it every day. Thanks Anthony!) are an escape from the rhetoric. Can we please keep it that way?

      3. Yes. Most people on here are pretty civil. We get 300,000 visitors a year (over 2 million page views) and 99% of the people keep it cool. Those who don’t usually just go away when people don’t pick up the rope.

  7. Love em or hate em I think this cover is hilarious. Now since this board has gotten some juices flowing we should all write our representatives to make $4.99 covers illegal, but then again they would probably lower the price to 3.99 and impose a 25% sin tax on it, haha.

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