Comic Picks of the Week for Delivery 9/13/17

Each week hundreds of new comics hit the stands, each which potential. Some live up to that potential. We pick the ones we think have the best shot at heating up. Here is this week picks of the week for deliver 9/13/17:
And what a week it is. Wallet busting week. This week is the first week in a while with a lot of books that really have potential. It will be fun to see how things shake out by Friday, which ones will pop.
Returning Favorites
Harrow County #25 – I love Cullen Bunn’s horror work, and this is his best of the best.
Shadows On The Grave #8 – Dark Horse Really knows horror. New stuff in Richard Corben’s classic style.
Black Science #31 – Tip top work by Rick Remender.
Curse Words #8 – Still very fun. I love the coupling of Charles Soule and Ryan Browne
Mage The Hero Denied #2 – Matt Wagner is a classic indie creator. I have always loved his work. Mage is his seminal work.
Redlands #2 – I really enjoyed the first book, looking forward to the second issue.
Winnebago Graveyard #4 – Another Image horror book. This one reads like ‘Devils Rejects’ from the victims perspective. This is the last issue. Issue 3 had a fantastic face being ripped off scene….
Slasher #4 – Charles Forsman’s psychological horror books is so damn weird, and so damn good. Worth the read.
The Sold Out Ones to Watch
All New Wolverine #24 Yu Regular Cover– just a beautiful regular cover. Sold out on most places online. Check here for copies.
Generations Wolverine & All-New Wolverine #1 2nd Ptg Francesco Mattina Cover – Also sold out online. Check here for copies too.
Weapon X #8 Greg Land Venomized Weapon H Cover – This one is another sold out book from Marvel. Great Venomized Weapon cover, two hot character concepts together.
The Random DC’s on the List
Action Comics #987 Lenticular Cover – DC lenticular covers set the stage. This is another great one.
Dark Nights Metal #2 – When the World’s Greatest Detective discovers a foe even greater than the Justice League could possibly imagine, will Earth’s heroes be ready?
The New Full First Appearance
Teen Titans #12 has the first full appearance of a Metal Character, he briefly appears in Metal as the solicitation says, don’t count this one out.
The Sold Out Image #1
Realm #1 – Jeremy Haun, of Beauty fame, releases his awesome new series.
The Big Two Pick of the Week
Supergirl #13 Artgerm Variant – Not sure where this one will end up, but awesome cover with a lot of buzz. Artgerm is a “cheesecake” legend and these will sell.
The “No Brainer” Pick of the Week

Rose #6 David Finch Variant – The work is done for you on this one. This is the easy one of the week. Another great looking cover that has sold out online. Check here to see if they have copies. Already selling for $15.
The Small Press Pick of the Week
Wolfenstein #1 – Titan’s new series based off the classic game. This one is our Nazi zombie busting fun.
The Pick of the Week
Sink #1 – Killer new series from Comixtribe that has the buzz. Small print run could have people hunting this one.
Crazy big week, right? Let us know what you are spec-ing on.
And in case you missed it, here is this week’s New Comic Spec Review Video

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  1. I’ve sung the praises of, “Sink,” ever since I had the chance to read the first issue a bit in advance. I hope it gets a 2nd print so more people can enjoy it seeing as how this first printing is going like hotcakes!
    Also, as a David Finch fan I want that cover!

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