Poyo's Picks of the Week for Sept 13, 2017

I hope all our readers down in Florida are safe and dry, we Texans know how you’re feeling right now.
Besides all the wacky weather, it’s comic book Wednesday. The best day of the week. I’m just going to get on with the picks.

DC/Vertigo Pick
Supergirl #13 (DC) Artgerm Variant – Yes, pick it up, this one is slightly controversial already but it’s also Artgerm, who has his fans and they will be seeking this out. Might not be a quick flip or big flip but there’s a good chance it’ll be flip worthy at some point.
Also out this week is Mister Miracle #1 2nd print.. for all of you that missed out the first round, here’s your chance to grab it before it possibly heats up as well (that’s if retailers didn’t catch on).
Marvel Pick
I like the All-New Wolverine Yu cover but my pick this week goes to Amazing Spider-Man #32 (Marvel) Mattina Green Goblin Venomized cover.. hands down my favorite Mattina Cover to date so far. Just a great looking cover, kind of puts me in the Halloween spirit early with the glowing pumpkin bomb.
I’m gonna also go out on a limb here and pick the Weapon X #6 Skan Variant 2nd print… a Batch H variant cover, which is pretty sweet looking cover if you ask me. Might of been overlooked, could be hard to find, could heat up for those completists on the Weapon H bandwagon.
Small Publisher Pick
Realm #1 (Image) – The story description has me sold on checking out. It’s also already selling out online, both covers. I really do like the Tony Moore cover but for long term potential, most seem to hang on to wanting Cover A’s.. so if you’re buying to gamble and potentially flip, go heavier on Cover A.
Indie Pick
Not much of a spec pick but more of a reader pick. It’s Pestilence #4. I can’t say enough good things about this book. It’s just pure awesome. Medieval times twist on the plague that has zombies. Ummm yeah!!!!
Now on with the dreaded avoid pick. I think Anthony pretty much nailed it for me this week and that’s the J. Scott Campbell Sheena variants. Avoid these unless you can get them for cover or less. Do not spend any extra money on these, unless you like flushing money down the drain. Dynamite is not known to be a big spec publisher and I don’t expect them to start anytime soon. There’s a huge handful of Sheena variants so I don’t think these will see much movement. If you’re a J. Scott Campbell fan, buy it, stash it in your PC and be done with it. If you pay more than cover for it, lie and tell people you got a great deal on it.
That’s all I got folks. Love’m, hate’m… throw some comments my way or don’t, either way I’m sleeping like a knocked out baby on NyQuil tonight.

14 thoughts on “Poyo's Picks of the Week for Sept 13, 2017”

  1. When we where at SDCC and was waiting to get some books signed by JSC, she almost cried lol. She did the same thing with Amanda Conners lol.

    1. Haha.. Anthony and I kept circling around the Midtown booth to buy JSC covers and then get him to sign them (literally had no line most of the time to get his signature). It’s like he didn’t even catch on or recognize us, not even sure he looked up a few of the times.

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