Mel V.’s Variant Picks for 9/13/17

What Up CHU? Mel V. here with your weekly variant picks for the week of Sept 13th. I haven’t been this excited for variants in a while. I have even added some regular covers that were too good to pass up. Also I want to tell you guys about SINK #1, I spoke about it last year in my NYCC review. It’s finally coming to stores tomorrow. This book is flat out amazing if you’re into horror comics, don’t miss this one by John Lees, and my buddy Alex Cormack (shout out to Adam as well). Let’s get right into it this week’s books

Harley Quinn 25th Anniversary Special #1 Cover B Variant Jim Lee Cover – Honestly surprised this isn’t sold out, Jim Lee and Harley makes for a great combination, I really like this cover

All-New Wolverine #24 Cover a Regular Leinil Francis Yu Cover – if this was a $50 incentive I’d still be all over this. Cover of the year Candidate without a shadow of a doubt. T-Shirt Worthy

Amazing Spider-Man Vol 4 #32 Cover a Regular Alex Ross Cover – Another regular cover and cover of the year candidate by the legendary Alex Ross. Again if this was an Incentive I’d gladly pay

Amazing Spider-Man Vol 4 #32 Cover B Variant Francesco Mattina Venomized Green Goblin Cover – Mattina can do no wrong these days…T Shirt worthy and it will go nice next to my favorite modern Green Goblin cover What If? Infinity – Dark Reign Vol 1

Realm #1 Cover B Variant Tony Moore Cover – Shout out to Minty Man for putting me on to this title, I think this title will be the next huge book from image and this Cover B from Tony Moore looks amazing. It’s one of those covers that make you want to read the book to see what’s going on .

Rose #6 Cover B Variant David Finch Cover – Mel’s Sleeper Variant of the week beautiful cover by Mr. Finch, could be kind of hard to track down. Keep an eye on this one, sold out at some online retailers

Weapon X Vol 3 #8 Cover B Variant Greg Land Vemonized Weapon H Cover– Is anyone hotter than Batch H right now? Venonmized Variant already. Doing pretty decent on eBay as we speak…Hot Cover of the week

Wonder Woman Vol 5 #30 Cover B Variant Jenny Frison Cover– Frison has been knocking these covers out the park. THIS ONE IS A GRAND SLAM…In my opinion,  the best one of her Wonder Woman run

Superwoman #14 Cover B Variant Emanuela Lupacchino Cover – Speaking of well drawn women, by a women artist, here you have Superwoman looking great by Luppacchino, an up and comer.


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8 Responses to Mel V.’s Variant Picks for 9/13/17

  1. Nate G says:

    No Venomized Moon Girl & DD Mel?!?

  2. xman_2 says:

    Has anyone read Rose? I’ve got the first issue and never got around to reading it. What’s it about and is it any good?

    • Josh Masters says:

      I read the first few. Pretty standard fantasy trope. Girl has hidden magic, gonna be the “chosen one” and there’s a giant cat. I dropped it after issue 3, I think, and read 4 online. It just was too slow, and not even in a “world building” way, just very slow.

      The pencils were pretty.

  3. Alana says:

    If Weapon/Batch H is grey why do they keeping making him green on covers?

  4. David Bitterbaum says:

    Xman_2, I read the first couple issues of, “Rose,” and found it to be lacking–but I don’t always like fantasy yarns so your mileage may vary. That said, as a huge fan of David Finch I want that cover!

  5. JJ says:

    Sink #1

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