Spoilers: Action Comics #987 The Identity of Mr. Oz

Thee has been a lot of speculation about the identity of Mr. Oz in the DCU. The baddie has been using the Phantom Zone to imprison DCU characters. Action Comics #987, out tomorrow, finally reveals who Mr. Oz is. Click on for spoilers, the soiled images are concealed by spoiler warnings. Click the spoiled images to see them.

The prelude to the big reveal:

and the big reveal:


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9 Responses to Spoilers: Action Comics #987 The Identity of Mr. Oz

  1. keld says:

    good luck buying first appearance – lol

  2. over-inflated bubba says:

    but of which earth ?

  3. Elvi says:

    Rich over at BC has an interesting theory about this. Given the spoilers, I think his theory holds water. However we won’t know for sure until issue #988.

  4. A. King says:

    Maybe now prices will drop for the first appearance of Superboy Prime and I’ll be able to get one cheap for the PC.

  5. Kacper Przysiężny says:

    It’s a fake out.

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