Spoilers: Dark Night Metal #2 – Something for everyone

Dark Nights Metal #2, out in stores tomorrow, literally has it all for DC Fans. Check out the spoilers below. The spoiled images are concealed. The accompanying text is not. Click the spoiler image to see the full images.

Interesting, we know Dark Nights Metal is Batman-centric, but this crazy.

Another Vertigo favorite showing up.

A little peek at how Batman died in New 52

Speaking of Batman dying, here he is being killed by Superman

Or not.

Yup, he is in it again.

Seriously the coolest thing I have seen in a while, Baby Darkseid.

Which Batman is going to use as a weapon, Weaponized Baby Darkseid.

Meanwhile at the Legion of Doom.

Court of Owls for Snyder Batman purests.

We meet the Robins Who Laugh.

The countdown to the big reveal

And the first cameo appearances of a lot of Batmen


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