Comic Market Street Salt Lake Comic Con Exclusives

If you are going to Salt Lake Comic Con, September 21-23, make sure to stop by the Comic Market Street booth, as they are releasing a bunch of convention exclusives. The exclusives include Natali Sanders covers, prints, and an exclusive Harley Quinn T-Shirts.
Up first is a con exclusive variant of the Natali Sanders Harley Quinn 25th Anniversary book. This will only be available at the con (I have a hook up and we will have a copy to give away, so keep your eyes out for that.)

They also have the “Hot Mess” Harley Quinn t-shirt.

And finally, they have four Natali Sanders prints.


15 thoughts on “Comic Market Street Salt Lake Comic Con Exclusives”

      1. I guess you have to pick it up at the con. Strangely this is the one con I know someone from here going to SLCC. They do shirts at that con every year and are from Utah.

  1. If anybody wants their copy picked up, I can arrange that. I’ll be attending on Friday.
    I can ship to ya if you paypal me the cost.
    Let me know.

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