Wednesday Winner: Sink #1

It is nice to walk into your local comic shop on Wednesday and pick up your new comics. It is even nicer when some of those books are going for multiple times cover price by the end of the day, Sink #1 is one of them.
Recently closed auctions for Sink were as high as $230, but that has come down a bit. Undercutting has set in, however, Tyler James from Comix Tribe emailed me and gave me the print run numbers for the book, as follows:
SINK #1 had a first official offset print run of 6,900 copies

  • Cover A (Clown Face) – 3,000 copies
  • Cover B (Mr. Dig) – 3,000 copies
  • Cover C (Blank Sketch Cover) – 600 Copies
  • Cover D (Iain Laurie UK Exclusive) – 300 Copies

There was also a self-printed version given away in the fall at conventions that has a print run of 250 copies. Worth looking out for.

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  1. How many copies were distributed through the Kickstarter? That is where I got my initial copies last month; and I did pre-order copies of the store-released version, but haven’t received my copies yet to see if there is any visible difference between the two. It’s an awesome book, I knew it was going to be big! I actually got to see some of the early material at Heroes Con 2016, when I met John Lees.

  2. Wow! That’s is a real Wednesday winner!
    I have 5 copies on their way…..
    Also worth mentioning The Realm and Teen Titans #12.
    Both are selling are for at least triple face value here in the U.K.!
    Can’t wait to get my 5 copies of sink!

  3. Prices have come down to $9.99-12.99 plus shipping since they sold 1,300 copies on their website yesterday, plus put hundreds more on their website again today (still in stock at cover now).
    As for spec, book has now died. Before their site was posted in groups yesterday, there were 22 listings on eBay and many sales. After their site was posted yesterday, over 75 listings now on ebay and only 3 sales since last night.
    Bad thing is this was a speculator selling to speculator book and will not crossover into the general public. So the demand will now be met plus some. The prices will slowly drop to under $10 a copy and possibly lower once these 1,500+ copies sold on their site get into the hands of flippers.
    Plus it’s only a 5 issue mini and not an ongoing series, so not only will the general public not catch on, speculators will forget about it soon as well.
    I’d only buy for pc at this point so that you don’t get stuck with a ton of copies. A print run of 7,000 plus overprints (maybe 8-9k total then) is huge for a tiny publisher the general public isn’t aware of.

  4. Just grabbed the A & B combo off the website for 12$ that’s with shipping. Just a cool cover to have in the PC. Thanks Ralph for the heads up & I agree with Brian’s thought on the book. Still sounds like a cool read though !

    1. That’s when you cancel if it hasn’t shipped yet. The beauty of buying (eBay loves protecting the buyers more than the sellers) on eBay, you can’t get negative feedback from sellers. 🙂

      1. Poyo, please tell me you aren’t actually promoting and encouraging this kind of buying behavior on ebay, or worse, that you actually engage in it. There is nothing cool or good about screwing over legitimate sellers when they have made a legitimate sale. It’s a dick move, and it’s not cool.

        1. I’m not telling people to do such things but I don’t blame them either if they do.
          It’s a buyers market for the best price, people do it all the time. You find a product at X dollars and then find it for Y dollars elsewhere, so you cancel if you’ve already ordered but haven’t gotten such product.
          If I bought a book for $200 and then realize I can buy it at $15, you better bet I’m gonna cancel if I have the opportunity to save myself $185.. It’s not a dick move per se, it’s being a smart shopper.
          Let’s not get into the seller losing out either, not when they likely got the book for a few bucks. You win some, you lose some.
          You should consider yourself lucky (as a seller) if you can make such profit on the secondary market but if I was selling a book that lost heat quickly, I in particular couldn’t blame someone for backing out cause they can now buy it for a fraction of the price.

  5. I love this book – set in Glasgow my home town and captures the place very well! Also maged to flip a couple of cover A/B sets for a nice profit, and will now enjoy reading the rest of the series.

  6. Yeah this one was off most LCS radar. Still want to pick up the book for the read, anything with a great killer clown on the cover peaks my interest. I wouldn’t write this one off so quickly for spec value though. Even though the website sales opened up it is still a pretty low print run. Most of these smaller books aren’t realized until its too late and in most cases people who missed out on issue 1 but are just catching wind of it will jump on issue 2 and will try to hunt down issue 1. So maybe not a long term (though you never know) but still probably worth the short term for a few weeks.

    1. It’s a mini series and there’s also a download link floating around for issue #1 shared by the writer going against it. This book has probably switched hands from speculator to speculator so I doubt it’ll go up. The ones buying the book are mostly speculators, so unless the general comic book community catches on I doubt it. Especially as there will be a flood of listings once everyone who ordered directly from the site gets their copies in.

  7. Was a great read and a bitch to find, took me to the 4th LCS to get any copies. I like Comix Tribe’s stuff, like The Red Ten was a killer series but delays upon delays killed any momentum it had, even just as a reader book, not talking about spec worthy.
    I love the B Cover and I’ll be getting one slabbed for the pc. Doesn’t matter to me if it end up being worth only a few bucks

  8. Haha – Tyler James from ComixTribe (one word) emailed me too — so cool!!!
    How Many Copies of SINK #1 Did You Print?
    SINK #1 had a first official offset print run of 6,900 copies
    Cover A (Clown Face) – 3,000 copies
    Cover B (Mr. Dig) – 3,000 copies
    Cover C (Blank Sketch Cover) – 600 Copies
    Cover D (Iain Laurie UK Exclusive) – 300 Copies
    Were there any other printings?
    Yes. In order to build buzz for the title before an official release, John Lees printed an on-demand print run of 250 copies that he sold exclusively at conventions beginning last Fall. He has 8 copies left in his personal stash. (ComixTirbe does not have any.)
    How do I get the UK Exclusive Cover?
    150 copies are on their way to Forbidden Planet in the UK. The rest were sold. To the best of my knowledge, there are only a handful anywhere other than in the U.K. I published the book, and I don’t even have a copy! (U.K. Exclusive is just that!) We will not be carrying that book in our online store.
    Will there be any more printings?
    TBD. We’ve had a few awesome stores reach out to us about the possibility of doing a store exclusive for future issues. If we do, you’ll be the first to know.
    However, ComixTribe rarely does second printings.

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