Netflix The Punisher Trailer

With news coming out that Marvel’s The Defenders was the lowest watched Marvel Netflix show yesterday, it seemed like a good time to drop the trailer for the upcoming streaming The Punisher show. Check the full trailer out below.

14 thoughts on “Netflix The Punisher Trailer”

    1. Did you watch Daredevil season two?? He was great. This series will be right up there with Daredevil. It could even be better than Jessica Jones. It Will be better than luke cage and the defenders and it HAS to be better than iron fist!

    2. Nah…. Punisher is a Marine. Jon Bernthal fits the image perfectly I think. I always hated when they made Frank overly huge in the comics. Did you see some of the shots on how he was holding his gun? That’s more realistic in how one does hold and shoot a gun in tactical warfare, etc.

  1. Punisher trailer today, Batman Metal #1s from comic mint in the mail today, Natali Sanders Harley 25th from Comic Market Street in the mail today, Its like Christmas.

  2. The defenders was actually pretty good. I would attribute the low ratings to a lackluster luke cage season and a terrible iron fist season.
    This one will bring it. I garuntee. (Legal disclaimer – garuntee not valid anywhere)

  3. Punisher, Luke Cage, and Jessica Jones are where it’s at on Netflix. They do a good job with Daredevil, Elektra, and Kingpin but not my favorites of comic book TV. Ironfist brings down the rest of the Netflix shows. The over use of the Hand ninjas as a villain, and the bad acting of everyone involved in Ironfist. You can go without watching Daredevil season 1 , Ironfist season 1, Defenders season 1 is worth watching 3 episodes. JJ season 1, Luke Cage season 1, Daredevil season 2 are must watch shows.

    1. See, I have to disagree.
      I thought that season one of Daredevil was really good and luke cage was just ok.
      JJ was really good, but I don’t think that will follow into future seasons. It was the purple man that made it so good and you can’t just do him every season.
      I’m pretty confident that the punisher will be the best one because it doesn’t really need to have the best plot as it will have the best gratuitous violence.

      1. Daredevil was awesome! That fight seen in season 1 episode 2 was some of the best action I’ve seen on TV in a long time. It won me over from there. I actually liked Luke Cage but wish they would have done a few things differently such. They kind of rushed a few things. I think the Punisher will be great. I mean all 3 movies in the past were different in their own ways and still brought something to the table.

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