Baltimore Secret Variant: The Pro #1 Metal Cover Variant

if you want something cool and probably hasnt been talked about, and are at Baltimore Comic Con, stop by Amanda Connor and Jimmy Palmiotti’s booth for a Pro #1 Metal Variant.

The variants are first print copies of The Pro with a special metal cover. these are limited to 50 copies, are crazy heavy, and beautiful. Palmiotti is on hand to sign.

They also have special metal prints available of cover art.


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6 Responses to Baltimore Secret Variant: The Pro #1 Metal Cover Variant

  1. Nazrali Bharwani says:

    That looks awesome
    I cant even figure out how to buy a copy on ebay or see if ones up there
    I just looked up the book since I hadnt heard of it. Didnt realize it was an older book…Thought maybe I had missed something… Gonna def have to try and give it a read


  2. John T. says:

    Tony, any chance you can snag me one? -John

  3. When The Pro came out, that was the first time the name Amanda Conner stuck in my head, I paid attention to her work, and always recognized her style after that. I’m glad she’s had continued success in the industry.

  4. David Bitterbaum says:

    I enjoyed, “The Pro,” when I first read it! A fun and sarcastic piece of entertainment.

  5. JJ says:

    Just an FYI, 10 copies available today at $150 each, sold out quick. These are first prints also, personal copies of Jimmy and Amanda’s (file or comp copies).
    There are, as stated, 50 total and that’s it. No idea if more will be sold each day or so many at different appearances?
    They will not be making more copies of the metal first prints.
    Extra info…enjoy!

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