Baltimore Update: Quantum and Woody to launch with actual 90's foils

Sitting at the Retailer breakfast and Valiant is on. They have a great gimmick coming up for the launch of Quantum and Woody. Not only are they launching the book with the Most Variant Cover ever, they are launching the book with actual 90’s foil. 
Apparently Valiant has come across the warehouse where they stored all the extra foil that was used on 90’s comics. They will be using the foil from Wildcats for the cover. 
If you haven’t heard of the Most Variant Cover Ever it will be a beast with lenticular, hand numbered, foil, and a whole lot more. Each book will be a limited number of 1 of 1. 

8 thoughts on “Baltimore Update: Quantum and Woody to launch with actual 90's foils”

  1. Well it’s official, we are now confortably in the new comics industry dark times. And just like in the early 90’s, the markwt will fall soon enough.

  2. Considering a retailer has to order 250 copies of the #1 to even get this means there won’t be many of them out there. They are also limiting them to one per shop. So (Frankie says) Relax

    1. So your saying Midtown and TFAW will be the only shops that get these since they’re the only ones that have the capital to buy and gamble with 250 copies of this book? 😉

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