Joe Mulvey Pays Homage to Pennywise for Sink #1 Exclusive 

Our friends at NY Collector Cave have an exclusive cover for Sink #1 by Joe Mulvey (Artist on Scam) that pays homage to It. Featuring clowns and the classic red balloon going up on pre-sale today.
The book will be out on 10/18 but goes up for pre-order today on the NY Collector Cave website. We should have a couple of these to give away when the book comes out. It has a print run of 250 copies.

12 thoughts on “Joe Mulvey Pays Homage to Pennywise for Sink #1 Exclusive ”

  1. I can’t seem to find it but I saw another pretty cool variant cover. It was a homage/swipe of Batman Detective comics 880 for Sink. Can’t seem to find it. Anyone see this one yet?

  2. Sold my first Sink A & B set for about $45. Then the market sank! Sold one B for $12 and an A for $10. Happy I could dump them. The buzz died quick on this one. Quick flip though. As far as a $15 variant goes, I would recommend PC only…but I’m usually wrong about such things.

    1. I sold a set pretty quick, set aside a cover B to get slabbed in Baltimore but the book already took a dump in the week between the release and the con so I decided against it. Still like the cover and will eventually slab it for the PC
      That’s what happens when a book, even a good read like this one, is hyped by flippers who are then selling them to each other. Nosedive

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