Marvel Telegraphed Wolverine Return on Adi Granov Exclusive

It was well spoiled, a couple of days in advance, and by Marvel Directly, that Wolverine would return. However, they telegraphed his return on the Adi Granov exclusive that was announced a while back. I think this may be the only cover that features the return of the true Wolverine on the comic.

It will be interesting to see how he survived being encased in metal and how he got out.

The exclusive cover is shown below:

Available in the US at:
The Comic Mint
Golden Apple Comics
Amporphous Ink

and in the UK at:
Sad Lemon Comics
7 ate 9 Comics


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18 Responses to Marvel Telegraphed Wolverine Return on Adi Granov Exclusive

  1. 2ndfullcameoappearance says:

    Yay! We missed you Wolvie. Your geriatric counterpart was fun and all, but it’s nice to have the real thing back.
    I loved how he turned out to be the beer truck driver.
    That was epic.

  2. Omar Safi says:

    How about not post this, especially to Facebook, barely one day after it’s release? Thanks.

    • Andrew C says:

      Social media = Spoilers. Love it or hate it that is the nature of the beast. Buy on Wednesday or quit using Facebook, pretty simple choice.

      • DJC says:

        Yeah it’s a pretty dumb thing to argue about.
        In the world of media, you’re asking them to wait to tell a story when it’s their jobs to discover them IN ADVANCE lol.
        Either go dark, or embrace it.

      • agentpoyo says:

        Quit using Facebook? If you don’t like spoilers, get off the internet entirely.

      • Omar Safi says:

        Suggestions are quit using Facebook or the Internet entirely. Yeah, real practical. Haha. Does this happen with movies? Generally, no. So, good one. No wonder Marvel’s sales are down.

      • agentpoyo says:

        It actually is practical. If you don’t want to inadvertently read something that might spoil the surprise later, then stay clear of the tools that allow such thing. The internet is just a big wealth of knowledge that allows communications to spread fast, so stay away from it if you have issues with spoilers.

        Honestly, for me, those that complain about reading spoilers and ask others not to post such info on the internet must have very boring lives.. there’s far more important things to worry about than complaining about someone spoiling something that has directly zero impact on your life other than entertainment value or purpose.

    • Anthony says:

      Sorry. Marvel spoiled it a week ago.

    • I have to agree. Sorry Anthony, but you totally spoiled this for me. I was out of town on Wednesday, so I didn’t get to pick up my local books, and since I am subscribed to get an email alert as new articles are posted here, the title was in my Inbox declaring Wolverine had Returned… I can avoid social media, but I can’t avoid my own e-mail inbox…

  3. Vernon says:

    Taken down?

  4. Dale Wieber says:

    Link aren’t working due to a double apostrophe appended to the end of the URL.

    Remove that and the links are fine.

  5. Richard G says:

    Social media = Spoilers. Love it or hate it — that is the nature of the beast. Buy on Wednesday and actually read them or quit using Facebook, and get out of here,, pretty simple choice.

  6. Jesus says:

    Don’t do social media, but I love the internet lol. I was addicted to YouTube for 2 years. I don’t go there as often any more. But I used to be on it for 3-4hrs a day lol. Now I go on it once every 3 days and only for 1hr. Social media is a no, no for me lol.

    • agentpoyo says:

      I visit CHU.. I buy comics from Midtown and other retailers online. Most of my other online dealings are just backend technology stuff. I’ve been on the internet since almost the beginning, before the world wide web for the most part.. I use it to buy crap and information nowadays. I steer clear of the social media aspect of it except CHU, this is pretty much my only socializing on the internet.

      But when I do venture off and watch a youtube someone links me to or what not, best practice is to never scroll down to the comments, that goes for any site. Except CHU. One reason I do like CHU is there’s not much drama here in the comments, seems most of us get along well.

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