Mel V.'s Variant picks for 9/27/17

What Up CHU? Mel V here, fresh of the Greatest Baltimore Con ever, (My review should be up soon), and with Variant picks for the week of Sept 27th. I tell you, The Baltimore Comic Con always rejuvenates me with comics. I’m excited for NYCC but lets get into this weeks Variants

Batgirl Vol 5 #15 Cover B Variant Joshua Middleton Cover – This is art, pure art. Middleton is a very versatile artist and this is just another highlight for Mr. Middleton

Batman Beyond Vol 6 #12 Cover B Variant Dave Johnson Cover – Not Only does this cover look great the book is co-written by a acquaintance of mine, Vita Ayala. I’m looking forward to reading this one. She is an incredible writer

Batman The Shadow #6 Cover B Variant Jock Cover – Jock has a style of his own and it always work, DEFINTALY ONE FOR THE COLLECTION

Black Panther Vol 6 #18 Cover B Variant Jenny Frison Connecting Cover – Frison does it yet again ..sold out at most online retailers, Great looking cover

Detective Comics Vol 2 #965 Cover B Variant Rafael Albuquerque Cover – for me this is the cover of the week, just looks so intense, the Tim Drake story line is pretty good right now

Infamous Iron Man #12 Cover B Variant Alex Maleev Cover – Something about this cover makes me want it, not just because it’s a Maleev. I will be getting one. If Doom was real, this would be the painting hanging in his castle.

Marvel Legacy #1 Cover I Incentive Alex Ross Color Variant Cover – AMAZING Cover Alex Ross is a freakin legend. This cover is my pick of the week. Hey wait who is that in the upper left…CHEAAAA

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    1. Okay ya but dont you think once he makes his first app as an adult or his first app as whatever character he is will be a big deal? Did jason not show up on issue 31? Maybe the next issue? The arc is about him

      1. Good questions—we’ll have to see the reveal for WW #31 to know where this is going. I think the key book to watch for, as of right now, is the JL #50….that’s also where we discovered there were 3 Jokers….

  1. Yes, The cover for Batgirl is beautiful, JOCKs cover is fucking AWSOME…Batman standing next to a “Shadow”…..BRILLIANT! I also picked up DC for the cover and that Ross cover, Looking at the rendition of the Hulk brings back memories of the early 80’s Hulk. OH yeah, The Maleev cover is beautiful as well.

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