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Wednesday, the best day of the week, new comic book day. It is like your birthday in the middle of each week (well, one where you buy your own presents.)

We open things up to hear from you. A free for all.

The 154th edition of the open forum!

Spider-Gwen Spoilers up…. Baltimore rocked, anyone attend?


As always we also want to hear about your weekly pickups.
So, What were your pick ups?
What had disappeared off the shelves?
What was sitting on the shelves?
What back issue deals did you grab?


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80 Responses to Wednesday Open Forum

  1. OC_GUY says:

    Looks like Spider-Gwen #24 is going to be all the rage. Hope it lives up to the hype.

    • Alana says:

      A signed JSC cover C the Gwenom one just went up for $100 or best offer on the bay. If you want it that’s the best deal your going to find today and prob forever so someone get on it.

      • OC_GUY says:

        That won’t last long…Pretty much got my fill with SG #24’s for today…some cover “A”s as well as 2 Cover “A” JSC variants from his site. Maybe a couple more tomorrow if I can make it to the lcs in time.

      • Jc says:

        I think these are supposed to be available at NYCC. Although maybe at a higher price.

  2. Invinci says:

    Anyone see any WMD #22 Second prints? Any indication of LC orders on these?

  3. Bluebolt1967 says:

    To all of you folk who love variant covers, I have the following advice: Save the money and buy more comics. If you really like the cover, save the image onto your computer or tablet so you can look at it as often as you like. Liking the cover art isn’t a reason to spend more money than necessary to add another comic to your collection because you’ll inevitably just bad/board it and put it into a comic box where you’re likely to never see it again. If you save it to a gallery on your computer instead, you can look at this cover gallery every day if you want at no extra cost.

    • Alana says:

      The Mattina Batman Who laughs fishhook is my tablet background.

      • DrunkWooky says:

        I would agree here. I loved the Mattina All New Wolverine cover. I bought ass tons. Sold them (ALL) for a solid profit and then put that as my kindle background. Never regretted any step in that process.

        It’s rarely an issue for me seeing as my LCS owner seeks variants for cover. So my rule is: if I want it and he has is, then cool, I get it. If I want it and he doesn’t get it, tough shit. I’m usually over it by the weekend.

    • OC_GUY says:

      True…or you can wait….Seems after a while the majority of variants go down in price. Not, all, but most..If it is a major first appearance of a character it will most likely stay collectible, but if it is just a standard variant, in most cases, it won’t take long before it is half or less than its initial asking price.

      • Bluebolt1967 says:

        Even the rare variants are going to fall in price because collectability can’t be manufactured by scarcity. When i hear of new variant comics being sold for $1000, it completely baffles me because for that price, there are so many real collectable comics that could be bought instead.

    • azbarbarian says:

      I agree 100%. It is amazing how many people buy covers they DON’T LIKE, just because it is a variant.

    • Anthony says:

      One of the covers I love the most is Gotham City Sirens #1. I have bought it numerous times and sold it every time. The picture I like the most is the president portraits on money.

    • MR says:

      Totally agree!

  4. Wells Floyd says:

    I hear there’s going to be a redneck 6 pink signature variant…..anybody heard anything?

  5. DrunkWooky says:


    -Mace Windu 2 Granov cover: I may wait until the rest of this series ends up in the dollar bin, but I have to grab this Granov before I hop off the train.

    -Batman Murder Machine: this event made me a DC lover again. I can’t wait to see that pink and purple neon in shiny foil! Ooooh shiny!

    -Suicide Squad: I’m too far into these tie ins to turn around now and I regret that. The Batman one shots for Metal are awesome, but these Teen Titans, Nightwing, Suicide Squad issues are a drag. Nightwing was terribly written. It referenced like 3 previous issues per page and was so steeped in Nightwing story that it bogged down any progress. Oh well. I’ll see it through. At least D.C. doesn’t bleed me dry ($2.99) like Marvel.

    -Marvel Legacy 1 Ross: you know there will be a million copies when the Ross 1:50 is selling for $20-24 on the Bay. Like I’ve said before, of my LCS owner gets it, i’ll get it for cover. If not, I will grab a lenticular. I’m not convinced this will pull me back I tot he Marvel gold, but there’s enough to intrigue me now: 616 Logan, Odin, McNiven drawing something or other.

    • I managed to get all my sought out items today!

      My LCS had one Redneck #6 cover b and it happened to be a red sig. Hoping to get $40 off ebay from that bad boy.

      Marvel Legacy Ross 1:50 to sell. Only going for like $19 right now,but I’ll take that. I grabbed the lenticular quesada cover for my PC as well because all the gate-folded ones were crumpled AF at my LCS. Heavier stock for lenticular means better condition.

      3 decent copies of Spider-Gwen 24 to flip at $12 a pop I hope.

      Grabbed cover b of suicide squad. I love that harley mallet so I had to do it. Sejic’s art inside is pretty stellar too.

      Batman Murder Machine. Got it.

      Mace Windu Granov. Got it.

    • Jay Nelson says:

      Would have to disagree on the Metal Tie-Ins. Loving them more then the main story.

  6. Alana says:

    This weeks pick ups…

    I got all the chase variants from this weekend Virgin Harley 25th SLCC variant, virgin Metal #3 variant, and the signed JSC Gwenom Spider Gwen #24.
    All the Metal stuff is on preorder, I’m loving the Metal foil cover one shots.
    All the Venomized covers on preorder
    12 Spider Gwen #24 Cover A’s
    American Flagg #1 this will be part of the coming Weekend Specs I should have it over to Anthony tonight or tomorrow.

    This store exclusives came at a bad time we just bought a new car and going on vacation in a few days. But got to sacrifice, damn store variants and their stupid high price tags. Will send them off to PGX as well and put more money into em. Less money to spend at the Guardian of the Galaxy collectors store, but oh well. Also they are showing early screenings at Disneyland California Adventure of Thor 3 so I will either be leaving Disneyland the day of or day before the first showing. Hopefully I can get a full spoiler for you well in advance of the movie as well as pictures of the movie props.

  7. Richard Guevara says:

    Looks like eBay has a variant for Marvel legacy. Through mycomicshop again. I know there’s like a billion variants for this but figure I’d throw this out there. Think this is the second eBay variant so far.

  8. JayClue says:

    I just came across an Image Ashcan that came out today called ‘Slots’ by Dan Panosian. Bay want to keep an eye out at your LCS this morning.

  9. schweizerdavid says:

    Picking up:
    Saga 47
    Rick & Morty 30
    Southern Bastards 18
    Beautiful Death 1 (Brandon Graham cover)
    Rat Queens Special 1 (sorry Poyo but I still enjoy this series)

    Picked up:
    Freex 10 (1st Frank Cho professional work, although it doesn’t look like his later stuff)
    Crow 3
    Batman Adventures 36 (last issue with small BA12 cover on the cover)
    Grrl Scouts Magic Socks 5 to go with 1-4 I picked up at RCCC.

  10. Eric R says:

    Pick ups this week:
    Wonder Woman #31 Frison X3
    Black Panther #18 Frison X3
    Batgirl #15 Middleton variant
    Marvel Legacy #1 (B&W Party variant for $25)
    Marvel Legacy #1 Ebay variant X2 (Thanks CHU for the heads up)
    Southern Bastards #18
    Spider Gwen #24 Cover AX3

    Looked at three stores this morning and found zero Cover B for Redneck #6 let alone Pink variant. Considering the print run for TWD and Redneck, this should be definitely harder to find of the two!

    Wanted to get a copy of Malefic by Dan Schaffer fro Devil’s Due because White was a great story, but none of the stores I visited had that book either.

    Good hunting everyone!

  11. Ken M. says:

    Hits and misses, have some more books coming via mail. The damage so far:

    NORMALS #5
    BATMAN BEYOND #12 VAR ED $3.99
    FLASH #31 VAR ED
    PAKLIS #5
    REDNECK #6
    SAGA #47
    THANOS #11
    VENOMVERSE #4 (OF 5)
    X-MEN BLUE #12
    X-O MANOWAR (2017) #7 CVR A LAROSA
    DAMNED #4
    GODSHAPER #6 (OF 6)
    IMAGE+ V2 #2

    Sent an email yesterday to hold Spider-Gwen 24 since I don’t normally pull that one. Got an “OK”, but nowhere to be found. They did have another Black Panther 18 variant that I might pick up, but so far that one isn’t taking off. Starting with my November pulls, I’ll be cutting back as I’d like to have a budget for older books.

  12. Brennan says:

    Hey everyone.
    Still married and still allowed to buy comics so all is well on this end. Hope you all can say the same!!
    I grabbed the free books for Batman day, but wasn’t able to get the killing joke with Harley on the cover.

    Today I am getting:
    Action comics
    Batman/the shadow
    The murder machine
    Deadpool kills….
    Detective comics
    Hal Jordan
    Image +
    Manifest destiny
    Marvel legacy
    Nightwing new order

    Smell you later!

    • Richard Guevara says:

      I think the only place ive seen the killing joke cover was some on ebay from Germany. Not sure if anyone has been able to track down an English one.

      • Brennan says:

        I thought it was going to be available for purchase on Batman day because it was in all of the ads. I can’t find any info about it though. Seems kind of dumb to put it in ads and then not sell it? I don’t know, I don’t make business for a living.

      • Richard Guevara says:

        Looks like they also released the killing joke Harley cover in Mexico as well. There’s a Spanish one out. Still wish there was an English one.

      • Ken M. says:

        Actually, I stand corrected as I just saw a photo from someone that bought the Killing Joke cover, so the book does exist. Other than the Dark Knight cover, the other Batman/HQ homage covers only exist on the poster.

    • Ken M. says:

      I think some of the Batman Day covers were just created for inclusion on a poster given to retailers. The only books I’ve ever seen are the three that you can still order at Midtown.

  13. Shines says:

    Picked up :
    Action Comics Lenticular
    Bettie Page photo
    Redneck pink signature
    Detective cvr B
    Because it’s the greatest Hammer Horror film ever, Captain Kronos #1 Caroline Munro photo cover.

  14. Richard Guevara says:

    So what’s up with the lenticular cover for Marvel Legacy #1? It literally doesn’t change lol

    • agentpoyo says:

      Mine changes a little bit…. 🙂

    • J. Coleman says:

      Yeah , it goes from color to black & white. I’m going for the Mark Brooks cover.

      • agentpoyo says:

        I picked up the Mark Brooks cover myself, best one I thought. I did pick up a Woman of Marvel cover but one guy missed out (shop had 3 of them), so I gave him mine I nabbed, cause I’m cool like that.

        One shop didn’t even get the lenticular, I picked that one up at another shop that had just a handful of them. The regular cover I pre-ordered long ago from Midtown which should be here next week.

    • Anthony says:

      Looks like it goes to black and white. Hoohum for the cover.

  15. A. King says:

    Way too busy at work today, so no new pickup’s for me.

  16. agentpoyo says:

    Public eBay Non-Payment Buyer Alert: nicolmellic0

    Makes the last bid on an item, then doesn’t pay after no response or payment after 5 days. Non-Payment case opened. Add this buyer named nicolmellic0, to your blocked buyers list.

    We should have a public CHU block bidders list for our fellow sellers to save themselves time and resources.

    • JayClue says:

      Throw ‘i-ronnie’ on that list. This MFer bought a book off of me, told me it arrived but his post office sent it back before he picked it up. And now I see the item for sale on his eBay page. I wish ill will on that rat bastard.

      • agentpoyo says:

        That’s when you report such things to eBay. The post office should have info if they did send it back or not.

  17. Andrew C says:

    So this week’s highlights for me weren’t at the LCS but I did pick up books from the last two weeks that I wanted including: Spawn, Venom, Venomverse, Peter Parker, Redneck, Batman (both the Murder Machine and the Red Death (also got the DC complimentary pins)) and Spider-Gwen. I will say,with some disdain, that the Spider-gwen cover A is pretty awesome.

    My highlights were from a local online estate auction. They had several lots of boxes and none of the comics they highlighted seemed overly interesting. I managed to win a lot of 3 short boxes for $30 (because why not for that amount of comics your getting them for like $0.20 a piece and maybe there are some hidden gems). Not going to bore you with every single comic, but here are some of the majors:
    Venom: Sinner Takes All (Full Run!!!; once I saw Venom Sinner Takes All #3 in 9.4+ condition I knew it was a score)
    Venom: Carnage Unleashed (Full Run)
    Uncanny X-Men Annuals 3-15 (including the first cameo appearance of Gambit)
    DC The Unexpected #157
    Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea (Gold key) #9 and #11
    a whole bunch more but a stack of Vampirella, Vamperotica, and other blood and b@@bies books.

    I also won the contents of a whole room for $25, which was mostly crap but there was one item I saw and really wanted (and really the only thing worth grabbing within this somewhat hoarder type room full of Christmas decorations, old readers digests, etc.) and that was a 1989 Kingsbury kids motorized Batmobile! They have sold for over $100 on ebay and only two listings right now for over $500. Mine is in great condition, but need to get a new battery. It’s going under the Christmas tree for my son who is right now pretending to be Batman who is battling his younger brother pretending to be Hulk.

    Great week!

  18. J. Coleman says:


    Redneck 6 reg cvr
    Spider-gwen 24 reg cvr
    Saga 47
    Diablo House 2 var cvr
    Beautiful Death 1 reg cvr
    Image + 2
    Batman Day books


    Action Comics Vol 2 #986 Cover B Variant Neil Edwards & Jay Leisten Cover
    Archie Vol 2 #23 Cover B Variant Greg Smallwood Cover
    Avengers Vol 6 #672 Cover B Variant Michael Allred Lenticular Homage Cover (Worlds Collide Part 1) NEXT WEEK
    Batman Day 2017 Special Edition #1
    Batman The Shadow #6 Cover B Variant Jock Cover
    Bettie Page #2 Cover B Variant Scott Chantler Cover
    Black Hammer #12 Cover B Variant Jeff Lemire Cover
    Comic Shop News #1581
    Daredevil Vol 5 #25
    DC Super Hero Girls Batman Day 2017 Special Edition #1
    Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe Again #4 Cover B Variant Declan Shalvey Cover
    Dept H #17
    Dollface #8 Cover F Variant Bill McKay Pin-Up Tattered & Torn Cover
    Dying And The Dead #5
    Edge Of Venomverse #5 Cover A Regular Francesco Mattina Cover
    Eternal Empire #4
    Flash Vol 5 #29 Cover A Regular Carmine Di Giandomenico Cover
    Generation Gone #2 Cover A Regular Andre Araujo Cover
    Harley & Ivy Meet Betty & Veronica #1 Cover B Variant Adam Hughes Cover NEXT WEEK
    Harley Quinn Batman Day 2017 Special Edition #1
    Heathen #5
    Howling Revenge Of The Werewolf Queen #2
    Iron Fist Vol 5 #73 Cover B Variant Mike Perkins Lenticular Homage Cover NEXT WEEK
    Jessica Jones #13 Cover B Variant Dan Mora Lenticular Homage Cover NEXT WEEK
    Last Hunt #2 NEXT
    Last Hunt #3 WEEK
    Lazarus X Plus 66 #2
    Letter 44 #35
    Malefic #2 NEXT WEEK
    Mindbender #4 NEXT WEEK
    Peter Parker Spectacular Spider-Man #3 Cover A Regular Adam Kubert Cover
    Plastic #5 Cover A Regular Andrew Robinson Cover
    Punisher Vol 10 #15
    Red Sonja Vol 7 #8 Cover B Variant Ben Caldwell Cover
    Sabrina Vol 3 #8 Cover B Variant Matthew Southworth Cover
    Saucer State #3 Cover B Variant Jeffrey Veregge Cover
    Secret Empire #9 Cover A Regular Mark Brooks Cover
    Spirits Of Vengeance #1 Cover B Variant Ken Lashley Lenticular Homage Cover NEXT WEEK
    Star Wars Jedi Of The Republic Mace Windu #1 Cover C Variant Russell Dauterman Star Wars 40th Anniversary Cover
    Star Wars Jedi Of The Republic Mace Windu #2 Cover B Variant Adi Granov Star Wars 40th Anniversary Cover
    Underwinter #6 Cover A Regular Ray Fawkes Cover
    Venom Vol 3 #155 Cover B Variant Francesco Mattina Lenticular Homage Cover NEXT WEEK
    War Mother #1 Cover B Variant Clayton Crain Cover
    Weed Magic #1 NEXT WEEK
    X-O Manowar Vol 4 #6 Cover A Regular Lewis Larosa Cover
    Zombie Tramp Vol 2 #38 Cover E Variant Ben Hansen Artist Cover

  19. agentpoyo says:

    So far from this week, I’ve read Beautiful Death and I quite enjoyed it.

    Also, every shop seemed to have beat up Spider-Gwen #24 regular covers. That black cover is gonna be a tough one to find in high condition. Anyone else have issues finding minty fresh copies?

    • Alana says:

      By the time I get to my LCS they will all be destroyed. After filling subscriptions they squeeze all their books in their tight racks that have the last 3 or 4 issues back stock in the overloaded rack. This damages all their books that are in the front of the rackswith a big fold dent were the books hang over the front of the rack and they seem to not care.

      • Alana says:

        All my copies were preordered from midtown and unknown I imagine they should be good.

      • agentpoyo says:

        For some, it’s just a periodical for reading only. Those types of racks are the ones I recall buying my comics from at the local Eckerd’s. It’s the one reason the newstands books in NM condition are worth so much nowadays.

    • JayClue says:

      Spider-Gwen 24 was pretty scarce in my area. Out of the 6 shops I visited early on Wednesday, 2 had 2 copies, 3 had 4 copies and one shop had none at all. All the shops books were in pretty good shape.

  20. Alana says:

    Gwenom is moving well.

  21. Alana says:

    It’s going to be really funny if Spider Gwen #24 is a big key in the future and they do Homage covers of the reg cover and that jacked hand.

  22. Alana says:

    A limited amount of the virgin Harley SLCC Sanders variant went up for sale on their site

  23. Alana says:

    I see your copies of Gwen #24 on the bay sold Anthony

  24. Birdman says:

    My pick-ups included…

    Action (lenticular)
    Batgirl – B (nice cover!)
    Batman Beyond – B
    Batman The Murder Machine x 2 (sold out at my LCS shortly after I grabbed my copies)
    Detective – B
    Flash – A
    Wonder Woman – B
    Cable – Venomized Deadpool
    Generations Captain America (1:25 variant)
    Generations Spider-Man (1:25 variant)
    Infamous Iron Man – B
    Marvel Legacy – (lenticular, Brooks variant + Ross variant).
    Spider-Gwen (A x 3, B)
    Mace Windu (40th Anniv. + 1:25 variant)
    Thanos (Venomized Death)
    Venomverse (Poison variant)
    Redneck – A + pink B
    Plus, freebies…Noir Alley (Batman), FOOM, and all 3 Batman/Harley Day books

    I totally forgot to get Suicide Squad…will pursue next week. I really like the Brooks cover to Marvel Legacy…I agree Poyo, it’s the best of the bunch. What was Marvel thinking with that abysmal Legacy lenticular?…they missed an opportunity to do something cool…and I still bought it b/c it was shiny…me and how many others? The Batman Metal one-shots look like they are going to be very popular…my LCS had already marked up last week’s Red Death to $6.99, and I think they under-ordered Murder Machine. I picked out the best copies of Spider-Gwen A…those black covers are tough…some had scuffs or bad corners. My LCS only found one copy of the Redneck pink B (and I did not see any at a few other alternate shops which had few, or zero, reg. copies). Because I gave my LCS a heads up, I got first access to it…but was disappointed to learn it had no additional content beyond the reg. version…the only difference is the pink signature itself…whoopee ding.

    • Alana says:

      What’s the point of this pink signature Redneck book. To see how much will spend on a different color copy of a signature. I don’t know why anyone would want to pay more than cover for this.

      • JayClue says:

        Because it’s a variant. It’s different and rarer. Same reason you buy your variants, Alana.

      • agentpoyo says:

        I have to honestly say, its not much of a variant. When I think of variant… I think new pic or artwork…. Not the color of the artists signature changing color making it “special”, despite the number of them that were made.

    • JayClue says:

      I bought the trading card variant for Legacy after I saw that the lenticular cover didn’t change at all. (Silly) i also thought the writing in Legacy was terrible. It didn’t seem like a flowing story to me. It felt like random shit put together without much thought involved.

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