Alana's Weekend Specs: Fall TV is Back

Aloha CHUniverse, and welcome back to Weekend Specs! Gotham returns and with it a couple silver age books worth tracking down. This week we also have a couple golden age Captain Marvel specs that may cameo in the coming film. A few other tv and movie related comics worth hunting down that have a good buy in and no reason not to pick up. Also a Gwenom checklist thus far. Let’s Jump In!!!

Lois Lane #70 1st SA Catwoman
Selina has become Catwoman recently on Gotham. This book can still be found relatively cheap on a good day. Again most are not going to find or afford Catwoman’s golden age first appearance. Gotham has had a slump in ratings this new season, that’s what happens when you change it to Thursdays with little notice. But still a great show worth the weekly watch and Bruce just got his first proto batsuit.

Batman #189 1st SA Scarecrow
So finally the Scarecrow has appeared on Fox’s hit series Gotham. This book has been steadily going up the past ten years and no reason for it to stop anytime soon. Yes there is a golden age appearance previous, but golden age Batman villains are not an easy or cheap find.

American Flagg #1 1984
This mid 80’s Indy book was optioned. Looks like it will be developed by Luc Besson director of Fifth Element and Valerian. This is a great cheap spec! NM copies can be found for it’s 80’s cover price. Indy book from long ago might not have the biggest print run, Dollar bin searching all day.

Captain Marvel #78 DC 1st Mr. Atom
A few tweets from the director of the Captain Marvel hint at Mr. Atom appearing in the film. Probably wouldn’t be the main villain but a side or minor villain. It’s a gamble but if it were to end up the main villain would definitely see a pop, a golden age price pop.

Captain Marvel #79 DC 1st Tawky Tawny
The walking Tiger Tawky Tawny is also hinted at in the same tweets as Mr. Atom possibly making a cameo as well. These are both golden age books under $100 might have room to grow depending on length and importance of their appearance.

Happy #1
Anthony wrote this up in the past when it was optioned, now it’s almost here. Can be found at cover just don’t really know what to expect spec wise in its future. I also was going to mention Deadly Class but it’s already been covered this week.

Gwenom gets going
Gwenom is here! Just a quick Gwenom reference guide to all past covers, appearances.
What if? The Other. Gwen covered symbiote arm appearance.
Guardians of Knowhere #1 1st Gwenom cover
Spider-Gwen #18 Venomized Variant2nd Gwenom cover
Edge Of Venomverse #1 Unknown comics variant 3 different takes on Gwenom.
Spider Gwen #24 JSC variant, I would also call regular cover A a Gwenom cover.
Pretty easy to have a complete list, it will be a bit harder after issue #25 drops with a few different store exclusive and regular variants. (Photo of Gwen dying is for Poyo.)

Punisher in October?
I have heard Punisher will premiere the end of October, by no means is this confirmed. If you don’t have a copy of ASM #129 may be your last chance to find one at a deal.

Wolverines #1
Wolvie is back! This cover is interesting because the whole metal encasing thing. Not much spec value but a nice different cover to have in your collection of Wolverine covers. Who knows it could be a good way to reboot the return of Logan in film too.

Secret Service #1
With two movies now Its unbelievable this can still be found for cover. Strangely, I believe if the book were named Kingsman: Secret Service it would be in the $50 range, people just don’t put it together that the Secret Service series is Kingsman.
A lot of shows have returned or premiered in the last couple weeks and a few coming next week. I haven’t had a chance to watch the Tick reboot yet, I did get to watch Inhumans. It’s better then people say. For a tv show it’s fine, I would be disappointed if I paid to see that in theaters. I’m excited for Inhumans it’s nice to have a real comic team as a show. Maybe I’m biased because it’s filmed in Hawaii. Next week Gifted premieres on Fox. I have very high hopes for it. Fox and X-Men in the early 90’s is a big reason why both my husband and I collect comics to this day. I’ve been hearing rumors of Hawkman and girl and Martian Manhunter coming to the DCEU at some point for the second wave of DCEU movies after the Justice League film and solo movies. Again just a rumor. I may also see Thor 3 in a early premiere at Disneyland California adventure next week, if I do I’ll have a full spoiler for you all next weekend. Also some other Disney stuff going on with Guardians of the Galaxy Mission Breakout ride I’ll review for everyone. Until next week THANKS for reading, and happy hunting!

16 thoughts on “Alana's Weekend Specs: Fall TV is Back”

  1. Thanks Alana!…Agree on ASM #129. Still a very pricey book but will only keep climbing. If someone doesn’t have it for their personal collection yet, now id the time to pull the trigger if you can swing it.

    1. I thought the same thing. After this week it just might. It’s strange how you never really know why some heat up and others don’t.

      1. Yeah, it could be that it is one of those situations where people are not sure what is considered her first “true” appearance or the “better” one to get. Regardless, that cover to Guardians of Knowhere #1 is pretty sweet!

      2. Totally agree. I had never even seen that cover before so I had to buy one. My wife is going to kill me. I’ll die happy, at least

  2. I just dumped my set of Secret Service #1-6… not mad profits but good enough for me. The movie was better than the books. But yeah, not sure if this would have still stayed hot. The problem with movies based on books that come and go, so do the comic books. If this was a ongoing hot TV series, it might of done better. Millar’s only goal is to get his books optioned, he doesn’t care about the books long term. Look at the new Kingsman series, not even being written by Millar.

  3. What If? The Other is being sold by some as “1st Poison, 1st Gwenom” when it really is neither. Peter clearly has the Venom symbiote, so the Gwen arm would be Carnage or some other offspring of Venom. So not Gwenom. The Poisons in Venomverse are quite different from from the Venom-symbiote Poison that Peter has become in the What If book. Just my opinion.

    1. I guess technically, it is “1st Poison”. Just a Poison that has no connection to the Venomverse Poisons, which is what gave the book a big price jump to begin with. Barring some big revelation in the last issue tying the Poisons origin to What If? The Other, which seems like a long shot.

      1. That’s why I labeled it “Gwen symbiote covered arm appearance” I agree it’s not Gwenom. As for the Poison from what if? connecting to Venomverse I think the symbol on his chest is similar to the Poison symbiote in its natural form. Poison Parker also is the whole amplified version of a Venom symbiote like the Poison symbiotes amplifys the different Venom covered heroes in Venomverse. But that’s really it for any connection so far. Poison Parker did appear on the Edge of Venomverse #1 1:50 variant too for whatever that’s worth.

      2. I can see what you’re saying. It just doesn’t seem to be a strong enough link to justify What If The Other to still be selling in the $30 range. Ah well, people can spend their cash on what they want I guess.

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