New Comic Spec Review Video for 10/4/17

Anthony from and Terry Hoknes from present their weekly video conversation where they discuss this week’s potential hot new Comics.  Here is this upcoming weeks for delivery 10/4/17:
I had to change locations for a couple of videos, which didn’t make me happy. I had a burst pipe in the ceiling of the basement Comic room where I normally film. Thankfully it is fixed and no comics where damaged in the process.

8 thoughts on “New Comic Spec Review Video for 10/4/17”

  1. No Archie.. I’m done spec’ing on Archie stuff. It’s just not a good spec. I got burned on the big death and some others. Too many variant covers, too easy for the Archie fans to get a hold of. If they do heat up it doesn’t last long, then you can get them usually cheaper than cover off eBay.

    1. That Afterlife with Archie #1 still kept some heat (variants mostly). But not as much as one would wish….I dunno man. It’s kind of like trying to do a remake of Happy Days…Just not going to work these days. Although if they made an Afterlife with Andy Griffith, I would bite. Anything to see Don Knotts as a ghoul or vampire or something.

      1. The delays on Afterlife is what killed that book. I really enjoyed it, loved Francavilla covers for it. What would have been one of their best series runs ever was ruined by them just killing it by not putting more issues and story out.

      2. And what makes those delays even worse is knowing that they were 100% due to the Riverdale TV show. A god awful piece of shit that has nothing 8n common with actual Archie other than the names. It’s just a regular cw teen drama with Archie character names.

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