Batman #32 Spoilers Does Catwoman say yes or no? 

Batman #32 is out tomorrow. USA Today was given the spoilers for the follow up to Batman’s proposal to Catwoman 2 Days early. The Cat is out of the bag on this one. Check it out below for spoiled images. Spoiled images are protected so click on the spoiler image to see the full panels. Accompanying text is not spoiler protected.

This could be one to grab especially how the proposal sold. Copies of Batman #32 have started to sell out on online shops, butyou can find them for less than cover price on eBay like from this seller.

16 thoughts on “Batman #32 Spoilers Does Catwoman say yes or no? ”

    1. Real winners will be those that list now.. after tomorrow, I don’t think you’ll get much for it or top potential. Tomorrow the marketh will be a floodeth!

  1. Perfect timing of the big news with a Foil NYCC Affleck photo cover on the menu for this weekend. I had been wondering which of the seemingly hundreds of nycc Graphitti variants would be the hit. Seems like I have my answer

      1. I’m not even going to bother with that Fing Line last year all foils were practically worth shit besides a quick flip.

  2. They will have a nice marriage that everyone seems to like. Then some stupid editor will force a retcon years later.

  3. Tom King seems to be an expert with complicated romantic relationships, exemplified by The Vision and Mister Miracle. I think/hope Batman & Catwoman actually get married and stay together for a while, with some interesting twists along the way. DC has no problem making big changes to their characters, since they can always fall back on another Crisis to reset the status quo, erase characters, and render their long-term history incomprehensible.

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