Jock Takes Notice of Sink #2 Wilcox Variant

We mentioned the Steven Wilcox variant for Sink #2 Jock Homage Variant the other day. Seems Jock took notice of it this morning.

Here is Jock’s original tweet.

The art for the cover was drawn and inked by Steven Wilcox, with a site of to the original artist, however, collective people on Twitter got upset about it saying it was stolen art. Jock stepped in and tweeted the following:

As a result of the tweet, additional copies of the Sink #2 Jock Homage Variant  have sold on eBay


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4 Responses to Jock Takes Notice of Sink #2 Wilcox Variant

  1. Brennan says:

    And begin the fake internet outage!

  2. JayClue says:

    Jock is a bad artist to pay homage to. His style is so unique it is very hard to replicate. The Sink cover looks putrid when compared to Detective #880, imo.

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