Blind Adam’s Hidden Gems Vol. 63

Greetings to my Comics Heating Up and Awesomesauce families. I would like to say thank you for reading this each and every week.  As always thank you for the friendship, encouragement, advice, and support. I love being a part of this and it is the greatest blessing in my life.

Action Comics #987 was my “holy crap” comic of the week. Teen titans #12 & Flash #30 were #awesomesauce. Dark Night Metal #2 book of the week.  The Heroes and Villains Fan-fest is the greatest convention on earth now lets make some money with some comics because you can’t teach that.

1. Brave and the Bold #194 A Classic Batman and Flash team up. Classic image of the Rainbow Raiderz JLA movie, Flash Season 4 and a cheap buy in $5-10

2.Batman #416 Second Print – Nightwing meets Robin, Jason Todd, for the first time. Both prints should be hot, but I am still surprised of how many Batman issues in the 400 have 2nd and 3rd prints happy hunting

3. Speculator Spiderman #10 35 cent variant – some of these 35 cent variants are cheap. Still finding new ones all the time including this one $40 and up

4. Spectacular Spiderman #21– nothing all that special about this book. Scorpion appearance and the Scorpion will be a movie star soon enough as I am hoping Homecoming 2 does the Sinster Six $5

5. Batman #19 Mad Magazine variant – Why did DC do these theme variants?? very tempeted to fold it in and have fun with it. $10 and up

6. Giant Sized Incredible Hulk #1 – bronze age oversized comics are tough in high grade. The Hulk will be in thor 3. The Inhumans have a new TV show. (What I saw was slow but decent). This is an off beat Black Bolt and Inhumans appearance, fights the Hulk, and is fun try finding it in highgrade $5 and up

7. Silver Surfer #18 – final issue of the silver age Surfer series. Inhumans appearance happy hunting

8. Daredevil #5 (Volume 2) – so Daredevil season 3 will do “Born Again”. Maybe they merge “Born Again” and Guardian Devil. Bullseye kills Karen and the variant black cover is a tough find in the wild $10 and up

9. Gen 13 #1 Pulp Fiction variant – Gen 13 is underrated and undervalued still extremely but if this ever gets to Hollywood then Gen 13 will blow up $20

10. Worlds Finest #23 (New 52) – first new Power Girl appearance. I love Tanya in Deathstroke and now that I know her first appearance I can now find it in the wild $2-5

11. Daredevil #57 – Matt reveals to Karen Page that he is daredevil. Key book, key moment, and poor Karen Page. I do hope that Netflix leaves in all the details of her dirty past from Born Again #testify $10 and up

12. Flash Rebirth #6 – Geoff Johns series. This is the first Negative Speedforce. If your reading the current Flash series then you know why this is on the list as Negative Speedforce Barry is the bomb $3-5

13. Swamp Thing #1 (New 52) Seeing DC is having a lot of love for Swamp Thing as of late, two apperances in dvd animated movies, was in one of this past weeks books, but the best use of Swamp Thing was in the New 52 Scott Snyder’s run, go seek it out $10-20

14. Spectacular Spiderman #140-143 classic Punisher team up and with the cover of #141, a favorite cover of mine, just a great story $20 a set or $5 a each

15. Classic X-Men #7 – has a great back up with more details on the early life of Emma Frost. Dollar box find and Classic X-Men books are worth the pick up

16. New X-Men #115-116 – Emma Frost gets her diamond body powers. I think we will get Emma Frost in the new movie and she deserves more cosplay love $10-20. Yes, Negasonic Teenage Warhead makes her first appearance in #115. Deadpool 2 is coming as well

17. Spectacular Spiderman #189 Second Print – in a age where collecting second prints is a normal thing, why is this annverassary issue with its gold hologram not a $20 book yet? they can be found in cheap boxes you know $3-5 boxes at shops and shows, 9.6 graded copies for $30 online….

18. Batman #700 Second Print David Finch cover – and Finch is doing a decent job on Rebirth $5 and up

19. Superior Spiderman #1 London comic-con 2013 variant – I loved this series. Number one had a zillion variants. I belive this one was limited to just a few thousand copies and is the forgotten one of the batch. It is affordable as well $35 and up

20. Deathstroke #4 (New 52) Harley Quinn vs Deathstroke. Great cover and #awesomesauce. Deathstroke is about to blow up again, and the current series is great. Arrow season six, DCEU JLA movie, Titans on DC streaming, grab all the cheap Deathstroke books now $10-20

Thank you for reading. I love you guys. I am now I week six of my blindness skill training and it is going great. So in January 2018 I am so throwing that cos-play pizza party event in New York city, details to come and it is going to be #awesomesauce

have a great week
blind adam out


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  1. OC_GUY says:

    Thanks Adam! I also have a little fun trying to find cheap Marvel bronze 35 cent variants.

  2. Wells Floyd says:

    Great suggestions! Thanks again

  3. Shane says:

    Good stuff!

  4. Christopher says:

    Swamp Thing in the dollar bin at my comic book store.

  5. steven centonzo says:

    was at NYCCC today and bought brave and the bold 194 for 2 bucks just on your say so

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