Pop Fans, Check Out this Deadpool Duck Exclusive. 

I haven’t done anything with Pops in a while, but this one is cool. Deadpool Duck Pop Walgreens Exclusive.

These are not available at stores and xan onky be ordered on the Walgreeens website.
They are $9.99 plus shipping, limit 2.

7 thoughts on “Pop Fans, Check Out this Deadpool Duck Exclusive. ”

  1. I continue to be astonished at the level of clueless by buyers. Closed BINS in ebay range from 25 – 65. Why on earth would one buy from eBay with the title field “Walgreens online exclusive” for 65 without checking the Walgreens website and seeing for $9.99?
    I guess that’s how we make $$$

    1. For many years I didn’t have any Walgreens in my area. I never would have thought to look. But then again we are now much savvy buyers and know what to do. Yes. That is how we make money.

  2. Does it seem weird to have a Walgreens exclusive item that we can’t go into the store and buy? Not a big POP guy but I do like this one.

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