Heavenly Blues Optioned as Movie, Announced at NYCC

51 Minds has acquired the rights to adapt the groundbreaking comic book series, Heavenly Blues, from Scout Comics & Entertainment.

You can still find some at cover price here. The news just came out so there has not been many sold on on eBay. There are several exclusives, including a NYCC one, which are reasonably priced.
Created and written by Ben Kahn with art by Bruno Hidalgo, Heavenly Blues is published monthly by Scout Comics, with issue #3 hitting comic stores this past Wednesday.
An OCEAN’S ELEVEN-type story set in the afterlife, this stylish, commercial, and organically diverse crime-adventure story is centered on the greatest thieves in history – a witty team consisting of a 1920’s mobster, an Egyptian grave robber, a Salem witch, a 16th century Ninja, and an outlaw from the Old West – who team up to pull the ultimate heist for an Angel in heaven, in order to finally escape an eternity in hell.
“We are thrilled to work with the team at 51 Minds to bring the world of Heavenly Blues to life,” said Scout’s CEO Brendan Deneen. “Ben and Bruno have created a remarkable story filled with fantastic characters and we can’t wait to bring them from paper to screen.”

11 thoughts on “Heavenly Blues Optioned as Movie, Announced at NYCC”

  1. Important info:
    Book was not originally published by Scout, so #1 copies are not the original first prints (if that makes sense). Was self published first.
    Easy identifier is the self published copies are missing the Scout logo in upper left.

  2. I have the first and second issue listed on eBay, actually. I had a feeling about the series and also held onto another copy of #1 to see if my inkling of it possibly getting hotter proved too, so yah!

      1. For those seeking the self-published book. But as Anthony pointed out, he sold out a long time ago, so the point is moot.

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