First Comic Appearance of Rick and Morty sells on eBay 

I was just talking about how hot Rick and Morty comics are. The first appearance of Rick and Morty recently sold at best offer but was listed for  $750.

This one is sure to drive people to the store and look for it, but The Good Morty, the first appearance of Rick and Morty in comic form, sold on eBay for a decent sum. The listing price on the comic was $750 or best offer, a best offer was taken and the book sold. It was originally packaged in Rick and Morty Season 1 DVD’s and Blurays.

Update: I spoke to the seller of the book, while it still had a good price for the DVD freebie it sold for considerably less than the asking price. The best offer taken was $175, again, not bad for something that came with a dvd. The seller said he was testing the waters on it and the asking price was very ambitious. 

The comic is like a religious tract book that some religions hand out.

Here is a look at the book

Thanks to Jeremy A. for sharing.


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  1. Alana says:

    Idk there’s supposedly 250 signed ones and prob 100,000 + (my best guess) unsigned. You start counting DVD inserts as first appearances then I’ll do you one better and buy original animation cel from season 1 and call it a first appearance. Also a lot of fake bs has been going on lately on eBay. Some highlighted books from other places with fake sales and as the article goes up other copies listed at the fake sale price. I saw this book get listed for $750 on eBay as the write up elsewhere on the net for it was posted.

  2. Jt Rodgers says:

    Do these come with all season 1 DVDs and Blue Rays or certain ones? Also does it tell you on the package if it includes one?

  3. agentpoyo says:

    Might see a swamp in the market now. Everyone is gonna be pulling these out of their DVD bins to list and sell..

  4. OC_GUY says:

    For anyone who really wants one there is a copy for sale on Ebay for $300 OBO…..See, that’s even better than a half price sale after the first one sold for the $750!!! All it took was one day!!!…..When these start flooding the market, if you really want one, I can see it being like the exclusive ASM #300 Walmart DVD (mini comic) pack in….worth about $50 to $60 (un-graded). Wait on this one.

  5. Vernon says:

    That has got to be a fake sale.

    • agentpoyo says:

      Nope, there are stupid people buying things for stupid prices on eBay.. all because they must have it now mentality.. So I believe this was like a real sale. These types of people are the reason I believe and support Social Security.. because without that, these people would be living out on the streets when they are older cause they don’t save and spend all they got on crap that usually results in being valued at nothing. 🙂

    • Anthony says:

      No it went through. As I could not see the buy it now price I spoke to the seller. You will see the post changed from when it was originally posted. But even when it was originally posted it said that I could not see the buy it now price.

  6. Alana says:

    There are 8,000 combined Walmarts, Targets, and Best Buy stores in the USA. So if all those stores got 20 copies when this came out there’s 160,000 copies from these three retailers alone. That’s not counting any other retailer including Amazon. Doesn’t pass the smell test.

    • OC_GUY says:

      Yup..Most people who bought those don’t collect comics, but it is so new that most of these comics are probably still in the DVD case. A LOT are going to make their way to the secondary market in the coming weeks. Now, those signed copies will probably command very high prices for a while though.

    • Bobby Mansfield says:

      I remember when this came out. My Wal-Mart didn’t get 20 copies, they got 3. Then they had none until months later. I agree with your assessment that there are more than people think, but 20 per store seems like a bit much.

      • Bobby Mansfield says:

        There’s a Reddit thread from when the DVD originally came out 3 years ago where Justin Roilland said the 1st printing was going to be “small”. Take from that what you will.

      • Negan says:

        Roiland did say it was a small print on the first print. I read the same Redit.

  7. AL says:

    Here’s a thought. Contact all sellers on Ebay that have the Rick and Morty Season 1 used for sale and ask them if the set is complete, in other words, does it contain the mini-comic.

    If they say yes, buy the DVD for like 15 to 20$. Then sell the comic when you get for like 100$…

    Wait a minute, why am I telling you this??

    • OC_GUY says:

      Yeah, I thought of that too, but I have a feeling by the time you are able to track down a seller who hasn’t gotten wise and by the time you receive it, there will be plenty of competition for all the others that have gone up for sale…Not saying there isn’t some money to be made, but I doubt it would be $100 unless you can find one real fast. Still, might be nice to track one down cheap for the pc.

  8. Brian Springman says:

    This copy sold for $175, almost 75% less than his asking price.

    Just a fyi.

    • Anthony says:

      Yeah I spoke to the seller and fixed the post this morning. You will see the post was updated earlier to reflect that.

      • Brian Springman says:

        What was strange is that he declined an offer of $350 and then accepted a $175 offer 2 days later from a different buyer.

  9. Killerwit says:

    So this “heats up” and people here expressed a mixture of doubt and incredulity? I don’t understand. Isn’t this a good thing for speculators? I’m not being a troll. I’m truly perplexed.

    • Anthony says:

      I think it’s a good thing that the book is heating up. Gives me something else to chase.

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      • OC_GUY says:

        Yeah, will be fun trying to find one in the wild

      • Wells Floyd says:

        The hunt is really fun

      • Killerwit says:

        Right on.

        Since I collect religious tracts & Tijuana bibles and was down with Rick & Morty as of the pilot ep dropping, I’ve had one of these for quite a while.

        This is apparently in greater demand than the Satellite Sam Tijuana bible (remember that?). Shocking! XD

    • DrunkWooky says:

      I don’t think it is people dumping on it for heating up. I think it’s people weighing all the variables when considering whether to expend money and effort on chasing this book down.

      It’s good for speculators when books heat up, but only if they can practically take advantage of that heat.

  10. Mega Matt says:

    Yeah, this was my sale. It’s legit. I was first to the market, so not knowing the value (and with Rick & Morty, you never know) I put it WAY high…. I was fishing. I saw the $350, declined thinking more offers were to come. Got greedy. After a day or so with no offers, I accepted the more reasonable $175 (after some back & forth counters). I listed my 2nd copy this morning, but I waited until Anthony updated the post so that I was NOT having that listing sprung off of the wrong price. So, yeah, definitely not a fake sale. Rick & Morty fans just love their stuff. It had like 45 watchers too. Which was why I declined the first offer. Oh well, lessons learned. Long term…. I think this mini comic will do just fine. I don’t think this has even hit the hardcore R&M book buying fans. I think awareness is just with speculators right now. A high-grade CGC copy will go crazy though.

    • Alana says:

      I think people will find out it’s not as rare as people say. If you have one of the 250 signed copies randomly distributed that’s something, but I found 3 copies in bluerays at $14 + shipping each on Amazon. Out of the 4 sellers I messaged online 2 of them had the insert, the other two one was to lazy to check stating to many items to search, and one didn’t message back.

  11. Mega Matt says:

    Oh, I totally agree. That’s exactly the word I stayed away from using. I called it “really hard to find”.
    With that said, I think it’ll do great. I don’t think fans are going to care about rarity. When was the last time anyone saw a craze like this that crossed over as much as it does? What’s strange is how little pump and dump there is with it. How many of R&M’s books are worth something? Like 40 or 50? How many are over $100? Like maybe half of those? It’s insane. These fans just want it all. They’re buying everything! Almost every variant is seeing increases… and it’s like a wave…. just moving from one book to the next. My initial concern with buying two was that the market would be flooded by the time I got one. So, I was pretty shocked when there still wasn’t a copy by the time I got mine. I’ve sold hot books before, but I’ve never been first to the market on any book…. so, this has been interesting for sure. The 1st issue had a print run around 17K…. so, I’m positive this mini is much higher by a long shot. But then again, it’s been 2 1/2 years. These are quickly and easily thrown away, lost, damaged, sitting in a storage locker of returned unsold copies. Who knows. We can easily say that many copies did exist at one time. Where are they now and will they show up in abundance is the question. Regardless, the next two weeks will be fun to watch. I sold my copies. But I will enjoy seeing what happens.

  12. Bobby Mansfield says:

    Didn’t I see somewhere that CGC is going to be calling this the 1st comic appearance of Rick and Morty?

    • Negan says:

      My CGC rep did tell me that. He called after I inquired on a label of a 1st appearance. He called me a day later stating he had “good news” then told me CGC had not received one yet but when they did would be labeling it as their first appearance. Also, in regards of buying a cell and labeling it as a first appearance, I’m pretty sure that a cell doesn’t qualify as a comic and I’m sure CGC does not grade cells but I may be wrong.

  13. A. King says:

    I got the Blu Ray when it came out and this was in it, but since I love this show and comic it’s staying in the PC. I just need to bag and board it.

    • Killerwit says:

      Lmao. I read your last line as “I just need to brag about it.” at first.

      Bag and board that thang, mang!

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