Poyo's Picks for October 11th, 2017

NYCC is now in the not so distant past. It was a blast hanging out with Anthony and Tyson from ToyBoxOne. I went for the comics but made more money flipping toys. Maybe I should start focusing on toys rather than comic books, eh?
Now that I’m all rested up (but swamped with daily life, work and now get to uber the kids around as the wife started work on a really cool show, so I’ll be seeing her maybe next July as the shows shooting supposedly runs through June of next year).. let’s get on with the picks this week.
DC/Vertigo Picks
This weeks pick is Ragman #1 from DC. I just love this cover. I hope the story is interesting but even if the writing is not top notch or the art inside, I’m likely picking this one up for the cover art.
Another honorable mention goes to Artgerm’s Supergirl #14. Just another great cover from Artgerm, if you hadn’t seen it yet, watch the Spec Video Anthony put out that was filmed from NYCC Press booth overseeing the floor. Artgerm made his CHU video debut and picked his book as his own pick of the week. I think this pick from Artgerm is a little bias but we’ll let it slide for now.
Marvel Pick
This weeks Marvel pick has to go to Despicable Deadpool #287 Lenticular ASM Homage Variant. Just a great cover from a classic book. I was actually scanning the booths to see if there were any great deals on a graded ASM #129. Most were in the con price range, so I’ll have to keep searching around as this is one piece I want for the personal collection one day.
Small Publisher Picks
This week, I have to agree with Justin Jordan’s pick, his bias pick as well, his own Family Trade #1 (Image). I’m a fan of his work, I love Spread so this is a definite pick up for me.
Another honorable mention goes to the Royal City #6 90s Album Homage Variant. This is a take from Sonic Youth’s Goo album cover. As a long time Sonic Youth fan, this is a must for me and it’s a refresher for album covers, I’m tired of the Hip Hop variants. Maybe Image is onto something here if they start doing some 90s Indie Artists Album homage covers.
Indie Pick
This has to go to what looks like ridiculous but yet fun Volcanosaurus #1 from American Mythology. I ordered online but need to pick up a reader copy for my kid, who still loves and adores dinosaurs. As a fan of Sharknado (guilty pleasure, but my kids loves it more), I hope this outdoes that movie with lava breathing dino’s absurdness from our earths core. Expect this to have small print runs and it’s already selling out at online retailers.
That’s all I got this week. Tell us what you’re spec’ing on, picking up, reading, dropping. Do it here, do it in the Wednesday forum.

9 thoughts on “Poyo's Picks for October 11th, 2017”

    1. Ah crap, I totally forgot while I was typing this one up. Sorry, it’s been crazy hectic playing catch up after my NYC trip. I’m adding it now.

    2. Man, I’ve skimmed all the books, nothing really stands out as an avoid, at least worthy enough to be mentioned as such. Picking the avoids some weeks is harder to pick than those to pick up.

      1. hey it’s a good thing though. It always sucks when you pick something up and it’s like uuuhh what was that!?

  1. I love the original Ragman series from the 1970’s, the 90’s reboot was just ok. Hope there’s a decent writer this time around.
    Been picking up the Artgerm Supergirls the last couple months, but so has everyone =no price spike (yet). Long haul
    Grabbing the Deadpool lenticular for sure and the Spider-Man Rockcomic album cover homage

    1. It was more of a pick of, great art, not so much, spec and flip worthy for me. But I agree, don’t expect to make so much money on this one. It might be a long term hold and gamble than quick flip since yes, most are catching on and stores are ordering a bit heavier on these Artgerm variants.
      The next one I think is the best (art that is) of the bunch so far. Supergirl ripping her shirt off to reveal her outfit is just classic Christopher Reeves style but as Supergirl.

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