Alana's Weekend Specs : Obscure X-Men Villains

Aloha CHUniverse and welcome back to Weekend Specs! Still on vacation but have the Weekend Specs as promised. With the new show Gifted on FOX, oddball X-villains and X-Men could have a new breathe of life. So this week I would like to cover some random X-Men villains that I haven’t covered before. Also we have the return of Flash, Supergirl, Arrow, and Legends of Tomorrow to tv this week. Nothing new for the Arrowverse spec wise that hasn’t been written up before but we did get a Reign and a Thinker cameo. Let’s jump in!

Battle of the Atom #1 1st Xorn Jean Grey
All-New X-Men #16 2nd Xorn real name revealed
One of the most powerful beings ever in the Marvel universe, Jean Grey under the Xorn helmet was a member of the Future Brotherhood. There are two other versions of Xorn listed next.
New X-Men Annual 2001 1st Kuan-Yin Xorn
Kuan-Yin Xorn’s mutant power caused his normal head to be burned away by a tiny star. His twin brother Shen Xorn had similar powers. He was able to use these abilities in many ways, but was kept isolated given the dangerous nature of his powers. Even his twin brother had little contact with him, as he was kept in a similar prison as Kuan-Yin. Both of them wore masks of iron that safeguarded others from the effects of their powers. The star in Xorn’s head allowed him to emit the same energies a star does. Most notably he gave off electromagnetism. Kuan-Yin’s sun was capable of emitting blinding light that could instantly incinerate another being. Xorn was capable of reversing his star’s natural state. Kuan-Yin could cause his star to collapse in on itself to form a black hole. He could also heal others instantly.

X-Men #157 2004 1st Xorn Shen
The twin brother of the Xorn above appeared a few years later after his brother. Both have been Villain and hero.

X-Men #132 1st Tessa
So Tessa made a cameo on Gifted. In comics she is the first mutant taken in by Xavier, however she was sent to join the Brotherhood as Xavier’s spy. Also goes by the name Sage. You may already have this for first Donald Pierce.
X-Men #4 1st Mastermind
This could be a part of the coming Dark Phoenix movies or the Gifted television series. Mastermind is a mutant with the psionic ability to make complex illusions at will that will cause his victims to see whatever he wants them to see. He was a founding member of the Brotherhood  and then a member of the Hellfire club which could tie to Dark Phoenix. Already a pricey book but not because of Mastermind.

X Factor #88 1st Random
Random is a villain then later hero created by Dark Beast. He can shapeshift his body like a new model Terminator into knives and guns. Would be a good fit for the Gifted television show.

X-Men Alpha 1995 1st Dark Beast
Can’t write up Random without Dark Beast. Dark Beast is the Beast of the AOA timeline in which both Beast and Cyclops were villains working for Mr. Sinister, who in turn was working for Apocalypse.

X-Men Vol, 2 #50 1st Post
Post is a nice cheap antihero that could be used as a Cable villain or X-men villain or part of an Onslaught saga storyline. Most of these Xmen books are super cheap specs worth your dollar bin searching consideration.

X-Men #129 1st Harry Leland
Harry Leland aka Black Bishop is another member of the Hellfire club. His power was the ability to manipulate mass. He could make people or objects heavier or lighter. After his death he was resurrected by Dark Queen Selene to do her bidding.

Cable #17 1st Spyne
Another random Cable villain that is a member of the Dark Riders and later killed by Wolvie.

Wolverine #159 1st Mr. X
For every murder Mr.X would cut himself somewhere on his body. By the time he met Wolvie his torso was covered in hundreds of scars arranged in an ornate pattern. X defeated Wolverine in their first battle, but was amazed at his opponent’s skills. He is able to predict  people’s actions which makes him very formidable in combat with victories over Taskmaster and others. But when it comes to super powered characters like Hulk and Spidey he can not compete with them.

X-Factor #65 1st Gauntlet
Gauntlet has a great character design. Both a villain of Xfactor and Inhumans as well as a Agent of Stryfe. If we do get Stryfe in a coming movie it would make sense to see Gauntlet as well.
Next write up I’ll probably have some D list hero Mutants to go with the D list villain Mutants written up today. I think the Gifted will be a good way to introduce some minor Mutants to television. Oddball Mutants are easy dollar bin finds I’ve been pulling them here and there for the last couple years.  Hopefully I’ll have some actual new movie and TV related specs next time, it’s been a slow week. But until then, thanks for reading and happy hunting!

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  1. This is a great write up. My only suggestion would be a picture of the actual book these characters appear in. Would help when books have Multiple volumes. Thank you though for putting in all the work though.

  2. Xorna! I don’t see her ever appearing in other mediums… Xorn is one of the most reviled characters in X-men history, but still looks cool visually, so you never know if he’ll turn up someday in one of the X-projects. I’ve been picking up copies of these books all along, too; in hopes some of these will take off someday.

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