Blind Adam’s Hidden Gems Vol. 64

Greetings to my Comics Heating Up and Awesomesauce families. I would like to say thank you for reading this each and every week.  As always thank you for the friendship, encouragement, advice, and support. I love being a part of this and it is the greatest blessing in my life.

I finished the school for the blind. Now it is time to launch awesomesauce comics as a kick a$$ retail establishment. But, one day at a time for that. Details to come. Dark Night Metal#3 & Detective Comics #966 were the reads of the week. The Falcon #1 was decent. Arrow Season Six is off to a great start. Riverdale Season Two was #awesomesauce.  That Last Jedi trailer was the bomb.

Now lets make some money with some comics because you can’t teach that.

1. Mickey Mouse Club #1 (Gold Key) – It is Mickey Mouse, he has a club, and you don’t mess with the Mickey Mouse club. Oh boy. You need this comic for the PC. The mouse makes money #testify $20 and up

2. Sensational Spiderman Minus One – this dollar box gem from the mid nineties has the third apperance of Groot. Who’d have thunk it. I am Groot and I am in Peter Parker’s nightmare in this issue. This series is in the cheap bins and an early Groot appearance could make it worth more money

3. Mad Magazine #105 – You’ve gotta Love Mad Magazine especially classic issues before it become a part of DC comics. This issue spoofs the Adam West, Burt Ward Batman Tv show. It is a magazine size book so condition in high grade will be tough. $10 and up

4. Man of Steel #119 – Early Jim Lee art on Superman. nuff said $2-5

5. Ewoks #14 – Has so much going for it. Final issue of the Star Comics Ewok’s series, Star Wars related, and you have just got to love both the Ewoks and Star Comics. Hard to find. $10 and up

6. Shaun of the Dead #1 – comic book adaption of the now classic Simon Pegg movie. It is only a few bucks. Go box digging for this $1-5

7. GI Joe A Real American Hero #150 (Marvel) – Snake Eyes vs Cobra Commander. News of the female Snake Eyes has gotten me excited for all things Snake Eyes. This has a low print run and is a tough find in the
wild as are GI Joe #151-155, especially in good condition. $20-40

8. GI Joe Snake Eyes Declassified 1-4 – origin of Snake Eyes, nuff said $5 and up

9. Transformers Generation One #10 (Dreamwave) – final issue of the Dreamwave series. Low printed as Dreamwave went bankrupt $10 and up

10. Wizard Magazine #54 – Wizard Mags are great for collecting and going back and reading. This one has a Marvel vs DC preview, and features a Wolverine Vs. Lobo cover. Also has a Milk and Cheese game inside. Evan Dorkin is the man, and this is perfect to finish a set of Marvel vs DC along with a set of the trading cards. $5 and up

11. Archie #600 – the infamous Archie marriage issue. Riverdale has shown this in a dream sceen already. I have some advice for Archie but I will give that advice on my podcast as this site is family friendly $5 and up

12 Batman #200 this has a classic Neal Adams cover this is also the second silver age appearance of the Scarecrow. Also has Jokers origin retold. $20 and up

13. GI Joe a Real American Hero #26-28 – first origin of Snake Eyes $5 and up these issues do have second prints as well

14. Samurai Jack #1 2nd Print – just a second print of a popular cartoon and comic, why is this so cheap? $5 and up

15. The X-Files 30 Days of Night #1 Niles Variant – the X-Files is coming back to fox in 2018. Topps had a classic #41 issue run IDW publishes X-Files now at days this was a nifty crossover and has a Steve Nilies avariant cover $5-10

16. Lucifer #1 – Lucifer Season Three is up and running. It is off to a great start. Can someone please send me Doctor Linda for Christmas?? Or maybe set up lunch with maze? This is the first issue to Lucifers first solo series by Mike Carey $10 and up

17. Archie Comics #632-633 – Archie and Valery get married and then have a child star Andrews. I can see Riverdale using this for a future season $3-5

18. Marvel Two-in-One #50 – The Thing vs The Thing. Cool book, just like this for p.c. $5 and up

19. Marvel Team Up #100 – Frank Miller cover, first Karma, wow. That New Mutants trailer interesting stuff $5-10

20. Wolverine #41 2nd Print (1988) – Wolverine vs Cable. Gold second print early cover. 1990’s very cheap, in dollar box cheap, Deadpool 2 is coming

22. Adventures of Superman #500 Newsstand Variant – So it looks as if DC is bringing Connor Kent back. I hope so, just like with Tim Drake they get rid of the stink of the New 52 and all the bs the New 52 did with the clone of steel. The white bagged edition is common however the newsstand edition might be worth hunting $1-5

Well that is it for the week. As soon as I figure what convention will be my first as a dealer again, I will let you all know. thanks again for reading this and I love you guys
blind adam out


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  1. Barney says:

    Your article brings me joy each week! It’s a combination of your back issues that go on my want list to find and your comments on each item in the Funny way you describe things. Just pure joy my friend! Until next week.

  2. louierobm says:

    Great picks! Thanks for the article Adam

  3. Wells Floyd says:

    Love it. You really find some great obscure stuff.

  4. OC_GUY says:

    I’ll have to get me one of them Groot third appearances

  5. blind adam the comicpimp says:

    thank you all for the kind words. I love you all. blind adam out

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