Raising Dion Picked up for 10 Episodes on Netflix.

We were way ahead of the curve on this one. Especially Mel who said that it would be on Netflix in about a year (his estimation was off a little) but the self published comic Raising Dion has been picked up for a 10 episode season on Netflix.

The self -published comic can still be picked up here for $4 a copy (shipping is a little high so grab an extra copy or two if you order.) Only one copy is available on eBay and it is from the UK.

We covered this book back in 2015, you can read the original piece here, but Raising Dion has been picked up for a 10 episode run on Netflix according to Variety.
Netflix has given a 10-episode series order to a sci-fi family drama “Raising Dion,” based on a short film and comic book by director Dennis Liu.

The series revolves around a young, recently widowed African-American mother who discovers her son has magical powers. Her struggle with being a single mother is compounded by her need to teach Dion how to handle his supernatural skills and her search for answers about the source of his abilities, with help from her late husband’s best friend.

Veteran showrunner Carol Barbee has joined the project and penned the first episode of “Raising Dion,” to be helmed by Liu. Actor Michael B. Jordan is on board as an exec producer through his Outlier Society Productions; he will also appear as Dion’s dead father. Macro’s Charles D. King, Kim Roth and Poppy Hanks are exec producers with Kenny Goodman and Michael Green.

And thanks to Will H. for pointing out that it has been optioned.


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11 Responses to Raising Dion Picked up for 10 Episodes on Netflix.

  1. Just bought two copies! Thanks!

  2. Stephen Hale says:

    Cool, picked up a few.

  3. swanson6676 says:

    Is there any way possible to find out the print run of this book?

  4. Donato Congialdi says:

    That trailer looks tremendous ! I will be watching this for sure…

  5. Edwin Bruno says:

    FYI the shipping did adjust to 3.50 once I put down my zip code. Happy flipping!

  6. Will says:

    Hahahah…thanks for the shoutout. On the print run, its anyone’s guess. As mentioned it is a small publisher and just prints as the orders come in. I emailed to ask about print runs, but no response yet.

  7. OC_GUY says:

    There are now a handful on Ebay ranging from $17 to $24. Might be a good time to pick up a couple as Anthony stated…”IF” there is a continuous print run here is to hoping the creator decides to put a solid number on it now that the book is catching on. Can always do a second print with a slightly different color cover like everyone else these days! 😉

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