Free Comic Saturday: Stabbity Bunny #1-4 Self-Published Version

To celebrate Stabbity Bunny #1 being solicited in the Diamond October 25th release of the November catalog, we have a prize pack for CHU readers. We just ask you help spread the word. 
These issues are super hard to find. All the 3&4’s were thought to be in the hands of collectors. A few were found in a convention travel box and the first place they are being made available is Comics Heating Up! Get issues 1 (in both the regular and shadow variant covers), issue2, and the sold-out issues 3 and 4, all in great condition.

This prize can be yours, if you win, and all we ask is that you share the Previews link, when you enter the contest. No proof required, totally on the honor system, of course. But share the link on Twitter, Facebook, G+,  or where ever and then enter your name below!

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