Blind Adam's Hidden Gems Vol. 65

Greetings to my Comics Heating Up and Awesomesauce families. I would like to say thank you for reading this each and every week.  As always thank you for the friendship, encouragement, advice, and support. I love being a part of this and it is the greatest blessing in my life.
I am a tad behind, so my reads of the week are Thor #700 & Batman the Drowning . Metal is the event of the last five years. Just crazy comic book fun. Flash & Legends of Tomorrow are #awesomesauce. Gifted is to live action what the first X-Men the Animated Series was to animation back in 1992.Now lets make some money with some comics because you can’t teach that..
1. GI Joe #226 – Anthony showed everyone there would be a Female Snakes Eyes, she is Dawn Moreno, her first appearance is here.
2. Mad Magazine #512 – Mad plus the Walking Dead equals money. $10. Walking Dead is back on the air. Great time to list books.
3. Teen Titans Annual #1 (Volume 3) – Superboy and Wonder Girl suck face, kiss, make out and become an official couple. This is the Titans series that will be blazing hot in six months to a year. New Young Justice season here. Titans live action show, Arrow, The Flash ect.. ect.. $3-5
4. Superboy #5 (1990’s series) – Superboy and Wonder Girl romance starts. They catch the feelings for each other. Most Superboy issues from this run are in dollar boxes so go hunting
5. Superboy #59 (1990’s series) (1990’s series)- Superman gives Superboy the name Kon-el. Rebirth, The Oz Effect, Kon-el is coming back baby. Dollar box find and such a key book
6. Azrael Agent of the Bat #60 – First off, how in the hell did Azrael Agent of the Bat last 100 issues? Issue #60 features the first couple of Arkham, that’s right, Harley Quinn and the Joker and who bought Azrael in the late 1990s anyways???
7. Marvel Spotlight Deadpool – I really think these off beat Marvel Spotlight comics, which spotlighted upcoming events or series, are books to watch. The Civil War one does well. There is a World War Hulk
Spotlight as well. This is the Deadpool series from 2008 which has blown up this is a tough find $10 and up
8. Deadpool #27 Hastings Bachelor Party Variant – Deadpool, dancers, plus bachelor party, it is Blind Adam the Comic Pimp… nuff said $5 and up
9. Cerebus #61-62 – early Flaming Carrot appearances, leads into the Flaming Carrot series $5 and up
10. Cerebus #104 – another appearance by the Flaming Carrot which is just a fun series and concept
11. I, Lucifer #1 – 1st Poison Elves. Rest in peace Drew Hayes. This series was blazing hot in the mid 1990’s oversized magazine size but such a great series.. go hunting
12. Batman #436 Second Print (green DC logo) – the first appearance of Tim Drake gets no love. Didn’t realize this even had a second print. Say what you want, Tim was the first Robin to have his own series $5-10
13. FFlash #3 (Volume 2) – first Kilgore. The Flash show does d-list villains right. I really liked how they remade a tech based villan and made him modern again $2-5
14. Justice League of America Annual #9 – Kilgore takes over Max Lords mind, brings him back to life dollar box find
15. Infinity Inc #35 – first Hazard. Can’t way to see her in next weeks Flash episode $10 and up
16. San Diego Comic Con program 1998 – three words is all you need to seek this out, Alex Ross Superman cover… oh guess that’s four words. happy hunting $25
17. Uncanny X-Men #184 – first Forge and compared to other “X” first appearances this one is so cheap. I could see Gifted using forge $5-10
18. Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars 3 packs #1-12 Marvel’s Secret Wars introduced us to the black costumed Spiderman #3 and 5 have classic covers, if your a Hulk or X-Men fan. They were packaged in three packs for outside comic book store sales and the still sealed three packs come up in the market. The prize is #7-9, which goes for $20 and up, but this is a way to get a high grade set for grading happy hunting
19. Watchmen #1 NYCC 2009 variant – Doomsday Clock will be hot. It will heat up everything Watchmen again Dr. Manhattan will be beating the tar out of Superman. This was a handout, a giveaway, and is now quite pricey $25-50
20. Empire Magazine November 2017 Subscriber Variant – this has a JLA movie cover. The Wonder Woman cover does well and Empire Magazine is respected so happy hunting $20-40
21. DC Who’s Who #3 – early Kill-gree appearance. This dude ain’t done yet in the Flash show. Loving this season out so far. Who’s Who are so worth the pick up $1-3
22. Dark Horse Presents #20 – First Flaming Carrot comic published by Dark Horse comics and Dark Horse Presents, especially early issues, are easy to find $5
Before I go, does anyone think Heroclix figures are worth speculating upon? Is there a market for them outside of packs? Thank you guys for everything.
blind adam out

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  1. As for Heroclix….I played them for a while with some friends but not so much the past couple of years. I put together a pretty nice set which I am contemplating on selling seeing that I don’t play/collect much anymore. Since most of my collection came from boosters and not from the secondary market I have a shot at making my money back or close to it. From what I noticed Some of the harder to find figures will keep their value but most don’t. If you pay top dollar for a popular figure on the secondary market when it comes out you will more than likely lose money on it down the road. Heroclix is one of those things that you get if you are going to play or display and basically enjoy. I wouldn’t put much spec value in them unless you can find a collection for sale with a lot of rare figures for super dirt cheap.

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