Spoilers: Justice League #32, Bazaar Transformations and a Sweet Ride

Justice League #32 is out tomorrow. It is a Metal Tie in. We get to see The Batman Who Laughs, The Drowned, and The Merciless. All in all a great read. Here are some of the highlights. Please note, spoiled images are protected. The Accompanying text is not. Click the spoiler warning images to see the protected images.

First up, the transformation. Looks like the certain loved one of a Justice Leaguer has been changed to something unspeakable.
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And he is none too happy with her new look….
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Finally, we get our first look at the Batman Who Laughs Batman-who-laughs-mobile.

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Pretty sweet…


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7 Responses to Spoilers: Justice League #32, Bazaar Transformations and a Sweet Ride

  1. Mike says:

    Batman who laughs first appeared in Green arrow 32

  2. A. King says:

    His car looks like something out of Mad Max.

  3. Ryan H says:

    Thast not his car, That’s the Red Death’s bat mobile, someone didn’t read closely enough 😉

  4. RM says:

    Has anyone ever wondered what shop they take their vehicles to get modified with huge engines, spikes etc. Or when the car runs out of gas, what kind of gas do they use and who fills it up for them?

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