Venom Inc. Story Spoilers

Venom Inc. Alpha kicks off the upcoming story line running across Venom and Amazing Spiderman. There have been some leaks of upcoming story details that are quite interesting. The spoilers are confirmed and are pretty darn interesting. Check them out at your own risk, there is no redaction after this point.

Last Warning. Story spoilers below.


This is the first appearance of Symbiote/Host combination called Maniac.

This is the symbiote that was previously known as Mania. The host is someone of interest. it is Lee Price, the criminal formerly bonded with Venom before Eddie Brock got it back and who appeared in Venom #1 (2016)


The story pages that I saw shows Mania in the streets and a group of masked men hit her with sonic weapons. Andrea Benton (Mania) is on the ground with the symbiote separating from her and Lee steps in to “Try it on”.

Mania’s first appearance is in Venom #38 and could see some love again.
Also sounds like there is appearances of all the former Venom hosts. Eddie Brock and Flash Thompson have a fight and Venom bonds with both at the same time. Spider-man steps in to try to “take out” the symbiote. 
Flash Thompson gets the Anti-Venom (Agent Anti-Venom perhaps). 


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  1. rob says:

    what about the space knight appearance?

  2. rush diehard says:

    new red sonja reboot coming.

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