Dark Nights Metal #2 Blue NYCC Variant are Second Prints?

I wanted to share an email I got in reference to the Dark Nights Metal #2 NYCC Virgin Dell’Otto Variant from a  reader. 

Hey Anthony,
This is in reference to the Dark Nights Metal #2 NYCC Virgin Dell’Otto Variant. These were limited to 1,000 copies and were supposed to be sold at the New York Comic Con. I was surprised to find out when I hit the booth that was selling them, that they didn’t have them. I was told at the time the shipment didn’t come in before the show. No biggie, I can order them off the site. Which I did. (The site was updated to say that the books would arrive after the show. There was a reason for this I would find out.)
When they came in, I was surprised to find that these were 2nd print variants. I looked back at the site, and everything I had seen about the variant and do not ever remember seeing anything saying these were second prints. In fact, the website says nothing about it. Here are some pictures of the inside of the book showing they are second prints. I said I was surprised to find out they were second prints, but I was actually disappointed. The reason the books arrived after NYCC was because the second print didn’t come out until after NYCC had ended. Not much of a show variant if they aren’t going to be at the show.

Anyway, wanted to give other readers a heads up as the store who sold them still has them for $50 each, and people are listing them on eBay for $60 and up. I do not see any mention on any of the listings saying these are second prints.

13 thoughts on “Dark Nights Metal #2 Blue NYCC Variant are Second Prints?”

  1. Weird….and more than a little unsettling. I actually wonder if this could work out well though….depending on the print size of course…..

  2. Well, my fingers are crossed for those that unknowingly have this 2nd print run—hopefully the aftermarket treats them very well.

  3. Any book/cover that goes to print after it was first printed will be a 2nd print+.
    I’ve seen a couple people acting surprised this Blue variant is a second print. Any variant we’ve seen in the past go back for a new cover is a 2nd print at least.

  4. I’ve sworn off Bulletproof several times; but this is really the last straw.
    State the product with all criteria and I will decide what I do and do not buy. Don’t hide it. Really Bulletproof?????

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