Variant Envy: RICK & MORTY #32 THE FLESH CURTAINS Variant

Not sure if the title will get me in trouble with parents groups, by Frankie’s Comics has a sweet variant for Rick and Morty #32. It features the first cover appearance of the band “The Flesh Curtains” from the hit tv show and comic book. Check it out below:
Rick and Morty #32 Flesh Curtains Variant
Limited to 666 copies and priced at $15 each. Here is the solicitation for the issue:

(W) Pamela Ribon (A) Marc Ellerby, CJ Cannon (CA) Emmett Helen
Special guest issue written by Pamela Ribon (SLAM!, Moana) and illustrated by Erica Hayes (Rick and Morty storyboard artist)! Picking up after the events of “Raising Gazorpazorp,” Summer is in possession of a brand-new pink spaceship. After triggering the ship’s AI, Summer grows closer and closer with the ship, embarking on amazing adventures together. But there’s such a thing as too close…

Rick and Morty #32 Flesh Curtains Variant

11 thoughts on “Variant Envy: RICK & MORTY #32 THE FLESH CURTAINS Variant”

  1. …. or… instead of the link, one can go on Ebay and there’s a seller pre-selling for $59.99. Why purchase at $15? {eye roll}

      1. But… But… At eBay one can shop in style and in colors. Why shop at the boring brown websites…. At least thats what the eBay marketing commercials claim…. 😉

    1. EDIT – I see Anthony mentioned first cover appearance, but i can’t find evidence of flesh curtains in any other issue, but i haven’t read them all

  2. #awesomesauce. need to get a few of these. rick and morty are the bomb
    does anyone have a link to frankies website
    blind adam out.

  3. Yes, this is the not the first cover appearance of the Flesh Curtains as they where on the Fried Pie variant cover for #24. Still an awesome cover and I love anything to do with Rick’s mysterious past.

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