Poyo's Picks of the Week for November 8th, 2017

MondoCon was great this year. Lots of great art, great guests. The panels I attended were interesting with good insight on upcoming Mondo toys and what goes on in the minds of the comic book creators but now, it’s time to move on though, to the best day of the week, new comic book day.

I must say, this week is a little bit more exciting than the past few weeks, which seemed to be more reader books than anything spec worthy. I’m just happy there’s a few more indie and small publisher books coming out this week. Especially with a few sci-fi books hitting stands this week. So shall we dive into the picks?
DC/Vertigo Pick
You people are probably tired of Artgerm aren’t you? Well, I’m not, at least yet. Most shops and collectors have caught on though being on the lookout on pre-orders of these Killer B books, especially Artgerm.
Although, these aren’t heating up like they once were but that doesn’t stop me from making it my pick though with Supergirl #15 that hits stands this week.
I think by far this is the best cover to date for the Killer B covers. I love the classic Superman ripping off his button up shirt that’s being depicted here on this Supergirl cover. This one is a pick for the personal collection primarily, then picked up a few extras for the long term haul. But don’t go crazy on these, if these do pick up heat, it’s long term as I don’t expect these to be a spec hit immediately.
Marvel Pick
I’m a huge fan of Moon Knight. That’s why Moon Knight #188 is my Marvel pick this week.
There’s a bunch of covers out but honestly I really dig the regular cover. Supposedly this introduces a new nemesis for Marc Spector as Moon Knight. The lenticular cover looks great as well, at least one half of it since we’ll never see the other picture entirely.
I haven’t seen the interiors yet on this book but according to the cover art, it appears that Moon Knight is back in his classic outfit. Not that I didn’t like his new age modern that Ellis brought us but Max Bemis is taking over with Jacen Burrows on art so I’m looking forward to Moon Knight in his original attire.
Indie Pick
I mentioned this book a few months back in my Indie Outlook and it’s finally here. I’m pumped for this book so I hope it’s not a total dud. This weeks indie pick goes to Heavy Metal’s 1985 Black Hole Repo.
An alternative 1985 where the space race never died and like in any generation, there are dead beats who can’t pay their bills. Welcome to a sci-fi spaceship repo story that takes a twist and turn for 4 loser dropouts themselves with the worst job in the universe.
Expect low print runs for this book. My local shops don’t usually go heavy on Heavy Metal books as I expect most others don’t as well. So this might be a hard one to find, even if it doesn’t heat up, I’m picking this one mostly for the reading content though.
Small Publisher Pick
Another Sci-Fi book is my small publisher pick this week. I’ve been anticipating this book as well. I’m not usually a huge Top Cow fan but this one has a great premise. This weeks small publisher pick is Port of Earth #1 from Image Top Cow.
Imagine aliens coming down, not wanting to fight or necessarily be friends, but want to build a space port in exchange for alien technology? What could possibly go wrong having aliens coming and going through a space port here on Earth?
This book speaks volumes to me (sci-fi junkie if you haven’t figured that out) and sounds great so it’s on my radar to check out as not only a great read but a possible spec, probably not right away but this one has movie or series written all over it.

Now on with the dreaded “avoid” pick, every writer and artist worst nightmare when it comes to selling their hard work.
This one should have been a pick 6 or 7 issues ago but Marry Me from Keenspot is the book to avoid. I don’t understand how they can throw a $3.99 price tag on a book that you can read all online for free. Issue 1 saw some heat temporarily when it debuted, likely with all the online fans of this ongoing webcomic but after issue 1 (for those collectors), I really don’t see the need to keep picking these up if you’re wanting to read this series. Unless you want to support the creators, there’s no reason to buy these books.

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  1. Poor Marry Me creators. Poyo did not pull any punches. I am actually surprised this made it to issue 7. I haven’t seen any issues on any rack since #1.

      1. That’s a good sign that you didn’t want to bash the creators—that’s always a good sign for any reviewer as it’s based on your actual opinion rather than a shock-value approach. I totally agree with JayClue…..

      1. Yeah, like there is one for Jardiance, some type of drug, playing right now under your article. Plays right away with sound.

        1. Hmmm… Anthony hates me but I use ad blockers in my browsers. But I encourage everyone to click and watch ads, it helps support the site. If the we is really annoying though, I’m sure Anthony can make sure it goes away.

  2. “I don’t understand how they can throw a $3.99 price tag on a book that you can read all online for free”
    Not everyone likes reading comics online. #imold

  3. Poyo love your weekly column.
    Wanted to let you know that we just opened a new comic book store in Austin. Kings Cache located inside Kings Hobby.

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