Cheap Slabs

Someone made a comment on the Action Comics #1 post I did the other day asking what other saved searches I had on eBay. My answer was “cheap slabs”. These are slabs priced under $20. May time with free or cheap shipping. Here are some of the highlights which are in my feed right now. 

I regularly find searching these. Most are cheaper than you can buy the book and send it off for grading. Here is this week’s gems:

GREEN LANTERNS #1 (2016) CGC 9.8 $19.99 plus $7.95 shipping

Cry Havoc #1 CGC 9.8 NM $16.95 plus $6.95 shipping (recently optioned)

Redneck #4 Pride Variant 9.6 $14.99 plus $7.60 shipping


Jean Grey #1 CGC 9.6 – KRS Tyler Kirkham Edition A Variant $19.99 plus $12 shipping

Black Panther #12 Venomized Variant Cover CGC 9.6 $19.95 plus $11.85 shipping,

Amazing Spider-Man #25 Venomized Variant Cover CGC 9.6 $19.95 plus $11.85 shipping,

Gamora #4 Venomized Variant Cover CGC 9.6 $19.95 plus $11.85 shipping,


 Spider-Gwen #18 Venomized Variant Cover CGC 9.6 $19.95 plus $11.85 shipping,

You can see the full search string here.


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15 Responses to Cheap Slabs

  1. Wells Floyd says:

    Now this is awesome

  2. Luq says:

    Great tip… appreciate you sharing this.

  3. Uncle Willie says:

    Great for buyers .. I just don’t understand why sellers want to go thru the time and expense of slabbing and offer these deals .. after paying eBay fees and PayPal, especially ..

    • Cody says:

      Some people need cash in a pinch.

      • DJC2 says:

        and the market sometimes sucks so badly, that they just want to get rid of books and make back whatever pennies they can muster.

        because let’s be honest, much like most on here i am sure, i sell books on ebay, and after the several month window of opportunity to flip, MOST books die in value. that avx looks like a plumb example of that

      • agentpoyo says:

        Yup. When I’m dumping books to just get rid of… I make a pile I think in can get a buck or two from off eBay and then I make a pile that gets hauled off to half price for nickels and dimes each. You cut your losses though and just get what you can before you lose even more.

  4. Louie says:

    Thanks for the tip!

  5. Philippe Brault says:

    Is “cheap slab” your search? Do you search for CGC and change your search criterias? I really like this idea 🙂

  6. Jeff Knight says:

    This is really cool; thanks for the top. I just bought a 9.6 The Bunker #1 Francavilla variant for $25 shipped. I thought this was a good story. Hopefully it will be optioned.

  7. Jetski says:

    Great tip! I just grabbed the Green Lanterns #1 above.

  8. Andrew Cantrell says:

    I’ve thought about grabbing some of these already slabbed books but I guess I am still more interested in reading them. I’m sure the day will come.

    • 1195200 says:

      I have 10 or so Silver and bronze age keys I refuse to get slabbed. I have had them checked out and graded, but that’s it. I have a Journey into mystery #83 graded at an 8.0, I do want to get THAT ONE slabbed but can’t muster the strength to send it away lol.

  9. Stanley says:

    Despite the hype, thirdparty grading may not be profitable for every book if cost exceeds revenue in fluctuating market. Anyone that do alot of speculating is sure to have winners and losers.

  10. Uncle Willie says:

    The search I use is, set to show lowest price first ::

    The problem with it is, it turns up books that sellers have put CGC in the title of the description .. so, you end up wading thru a lot of material that is not actually CGC .. I believe sellers should not be placing CGC in the title, as it’s misleading, but, what can you do .. ??

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