Sunday Funday Eric Powell Signed Comics Giveaway – Winners

So the comments seemed to have stopped coming in for the giveaway, so that’s a good sign we should pick some winners for the Eric Powell signed books from MondoCon 2017.

Here’s how it worked this round. Took the list of names (163 total) and put them into Then clicked “randomize” 10 times. The #1 on the first is then removed to randomize the next winner which the next list is randomized 10 times as well. Repeat same steps for the 3rd winner.
So let’s get on with the winners shall we.
The first winner for the SpongeBob #73 book goes to: David Beach

The second winner for the Namwolf #1 Powell variant goes to: Alvin A. Danna Jr.

The third winner for Spookhouse #1 goes to: Victor Luna

Each winner has 72 hours to contact me at to claim their prize with mailing address. If no claims are made within 72 hours, I’ll start going down the list in each drawing for each book. Remember if you are international, we’ll ask that you chip in for shipping. If you opt out, please let us know and we’ll pick the next name on the list.
Congrats to the winners.

12 thoughts on “Sunday Funday Eric Powell Signed Comics Giveaway – Winners”

    1. Actually, Brennan… Your name came up second on one of them…. So you have every right to cross your fingers and hope that winner doesn’t claim theirs… 😉

    2. Brennan, contact me if your reading this. The winner before you never contacted me so you are now the winner of the Spongebob signed Powell book.

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