Blind Adam’s Hidden Gems Vol. 68

Greetings to my Comics Heating Up and Awesomesauce families. I would like to say thank you for reading this each and every week.  As always thank you for the friendship, encouragement, advice, and support. I love being a part of this and it is the greatest blessing in my life.

If your going to be in Clifton,  stop by the NJ comic book show Clifton Comic expo I will be set up as a dealer for the first time since last year. Now lets make
money with comics because you can’t teach that

1. Jughead Double Digest #176 – first Toni Topaz. Toni is amazing on Riverdale. Riverdale on the CW is the best comic book show with no super heroes going #testify. Toni might be going for a Riverdale threeway milkshake and that would be so awesome this is a cheap book as well $5-20

2. Archie #11 (Vol. 2) – first modern “The Betty’s” Betty Coopers rock band. Archie triping on stage during a show.  I need to stop before my mind goes to the gutter with the Betty’s still cover price

3. Scooby Doo Team Up #1 – did anyone see the trailer for Mystery Inc teaming up with Batman? It is #awesomesauce. This comic is tough in high grade as are most kids comics happy hunting

4. Disney Comics and Stories #508 Canadian Price Variant – even
Mickey has a 75 cent price variant. A few of them, in fact,  and these are tougher
thent he Marvel and DC ones. Mickey must get his 75 cents and his $50

5. The Web #5 – first Modern Black Hood – Riverdale is #awesomesauce, the Black Hood is killing people in Riverdale. This is a cheap spec play and you must watch Riverdale $2-5

6. Top Notch Comics #9 – first golden age Black Hood. I feel all Archie keys from the golden age to present are underrated and undervalued. You can snag them for a fraction of DC or Marvel keys Riverdale is doing the Black Hood right.  Just grab a grade you can afford

7. Authority Lobo Jingle Hell #1 – Lobo the holidays, he killed Santa and the Easter Bunny. Don’t mess with Lobo on the holidays. Plus the authority just fun cheap stuff $1-5

8. Lobo Spring Break Massacre #1 – Lobo ,what are you thinking? Spring break is America’s greatest tradition; girl,s beer, causing chaos. This is a great addition to anyones Lobo collection and it could go up in value if DC ever puts the main man in a show or movie

9. Captain Marvel #12 Mighty Midget Comic – rare old small size comics. These are really neat. I just found one on eBay and hopefully it is still by next week as it is awesome

10. Adventures of Superman #462 – just a sweet Christmas story. Homeless for the holidays, it is in less then dollar boxes and would make a great Supergirl episode on the CW. Remember to help those in need for the holidays as everyone deserves a place to call home during the most special time of the year

11. Spectacular Spiderman #83 (Vol. 1) first origin of the Punisher in comics. The first time the Punisher’s origin was told was in Marvel Premier #2 which was a magazine. I do believe this is the first time the origin was told in comic book format. November 17. Netflix. I believe this will blow up $10-20

12.  X-Force #6 (vol. 1) – The Gifted is awesome. Loving the show. Phantazia in the show, this is her first appearance these are in less then dollar boxes in every shop in the world. X-Force movie, The Gifted 80’s and 90’s stuff going up in value, Deadpool the perfect storm..

13 Marvel Team Up #117 – Spiderman and Wolverine. Early Wolverine appearance. When Wolverine appearances meant something. This might be the first meeting of Spiderman and Wolverine  $10 and up

14. JLA #12 Second Print (2007 series) – Three words, Alex Ross Cover. Rare second print. Two weeks until JLA movie.. boomshockalaka, money in the bank and Alex Ross is the man $10

15. Superman #16 (Vol. 2) First Matrix Supergirl, Christmas story, Prankster. Why does Superman have some of the lamest villans? The Toyman, The Prankster, really? Against a god? Second string gangsters with lame 1980’s WWF style gimmicks. After Superman this is in dollar boxes

16. Batman Beyond Unlimited #12 – Batman Beyond vs Lobo, nuff said

17. Super Powers Steppenwolf Action Figure – wow, this line of figures had a lot of mail-away figures in it. Steppenwolf will be a movie megastar soon. This is his first action figure, like the Clark Kent from this line, this was a mail-away and difficult to obtain $60 and up

18. Batman and Robin Adventures #8 – Batman Animated based comics are #awesomesauce. Yes all, the Harley appearances are in demand and will be for years, however, there many non-Harley books to snag that are great and underrated and under valued. Like this Poison Ivy cover appearance in Btman Gotham Adventures #29 $10 and up

19. Gotham Girls #2 – Poison Ivy cover. Gotham Girls is Gotham City Sirens before sirens began in the DCU. I want to submit Gotham Girls #1 as the first true appearance of the Gotham City Sirens outside of normal DCU. Just like Batman Adventures #12 #testify

20. Supergirl #37 Faces of Evil Variant (2005) – this could be the next big Supergirl variant with the prices for #50 climbing, this could be next $5-10

21. DC Rebirth #1 Gold Foil German Variant  – This might be my favorite foreign variant of all time #testify. 777 copies are printed I think and it is the Rebirth of DC baby

By the way, if anyone here that lives in Vegas needs a roommate for the month of January let me know . Going out to test the waters.

take care and be safe
blind adam out


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  1. Andrew Cantrell says:

    I wish I could make it up there. My Dad lived in Montclair and Mom in Caldwell. I miss NJ. Hope you have a good expo and keep on with the awesome write ups.

  2. Wells Floyd says:

    Adam, you are a god among men!

  3. OC_GUY says:

    Something BA and I have in common…Appreciation for cheap, high grade bronze with potential to grow!

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