Maniac Makes the Cover on 1:25 Stegman Variant of Amazing Spiderman #792

We were first to release the details of the upcoming Venom Inc. story details the other day in our spoiler post. Now, we have the cover image to the 1:25 Ryan Stegman Variant for Amazing Spiderman #792.

We mentioned in the spoiler post how Lee Price was getting the Mania symbiote from Andrea Benton and becoming Maniac. Lee Price was the former Venom who had that symbiote briefly in the 2016 Venom relaunch before Eddie Brock regained it. We get to see him on the Amazing Spider-man #792 1:25 variant in full costume. (We also get to see Flash Thompson in the Anti-Venom symbiote as well.)

Spider-Man finds himself between Eddie and a mysterious new figure!
And Black Cat and her gang find themselves face-to-face with an amped-up villain named Maniac that might just rip those faces right off.


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5 Responses to Maniac Makes the Cover on 1:25 Stegman Variant of Amazing Spiderman #792

  1. Brennan says:


  2. Ryan H says:

    Everybodies Venom these days

  3. Bill says:

    Mania, maniacs, anti-venom, snakebite, cosmic venom, cosmic anti-carnage, superior venoms … I’m so glad I chose to cease reading this stuff a long time ago.

  4. Jason Zimmerman says:

    Looks kinda like Midnighter?

  5. Where I was actually hoping we’d get to see more Mania, but if she loses the symbiote…

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