Mel V's Variant Picks for November 15, 2017

What Up CHU? Mel V here with your weekly variant picks for the week of Nov 15th. I have not hit the LCS early morning in a while. I think I might be up and at ’em early tomorrow. There might be some sneaky winners out there, lets get right into it.

Sugar Boogarz #1 Cover B Incentive Michael Duron Variant Cover – At first glance, I said to myself this is ridiculous, but the more I read about it and checked out the art, I have to say hmmmm I have a feeling bout this, could be a sleeper, could be under ordered, and could take off. So I’m taking the chance on the 1:5 variant. None on eBay at the moment. None at most online shops.

Punisher Vol 10 #218 Cover C Variant TV Cover (Marvel Legacy Tie-In) – Punisher starts on Netflix soon and it is getting great reviews. This is a pretty cool TV cover variant. I am getting at least one

American Gods Shadows #9 Cover B Variant David Mack Cover – Was talking to my man Van about David Mack and we both agree this guy is underrated, he should break out soon, he has been around forever putting out great art. He has such a great visual style and he apperes twice on my Variants this Week this week. Look at this cover, seriously, GREAT ART

Mighty Thor Vol 2 #701 Cover B Incentive Alex Ross Variant Cover (Marvel Legacy Tie-In) – Alex Ross !!! How can you go wrong with Alex Ross. Hits a homerum just about everytime he lays brush to canvas. This has that old school feel to it. Love it

Ninja-K #1 Cover E Incentive David Mack Ninjak Icon Variant Cover – Book of the week for me. yYou know the rule, high ratio Valiant books for the win. Also it doesn’t hurt when the cover art is fantastic. Added bonus that the interior art is amazing in this book

Trinity Vol 2 #15 Cover B Variant Ben Oliver Justice League Cover – WOOT WOOT. I am excited for the Justice League movie and I like Olivers work. The detail on Miss Gadot…Cheaaaaaaa… Great cover

8 thoughts on “Mel V's Variant Picks for November 15, 2017”

  1. Getting Sugar Boogarz for my 4 year old. She heard there was a comic with the word Booger and she begged me to get it. Kids…
    On point with all the rest with the exception of the American Gods cover. I can’t decide if I like the Punisher or Thor better. I would tip it toward Punisher because it is really difficult to get a known actors likeness “right”. This cover nails it.

      1. Kids still love comics. Unfortunately, the current pricing and lack of all-ages content keeps most of the current books out of their hands for now.
        With that said, I give my nephew (10) and niece (9) comics every couple of weeks. Both love the current Star Wars series (liked the previous Darth Vader more) and all the 80s/90s Batman, Robin, Avengers, and Superman I can give them.
        I have also taken them to Cons. They like dressing up and finding reasonably priced (i.e. non-collecter/MIB) toys. Digging through long boxes doesn’t appeal to them, yet.

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