New Comic Spec Review Video for 11/22/17

Each week Anthony from and Terry Hoknes from put out a video talking about the new comics of the week. Here is this weeks video for 11/22/17 delivery: 

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    1. Yeah, Midtown has the same at times as well, you might see the smaller indie books sell out and then pop back up as available a few days or week later (since they can still order them from Diamond). Smaller press books are not heavily ordered most of the time. Even the big name shops will be cautious so they don’t sit on a bunch of books they can’t sell. Sold out online doesn’t always equate to heating up, for those not aware. 😉

    2. Tfaw, like many other shops, stock less small press books than they have customers. For many stores it is better to sell out of less than to sell more, but be stuck with copies. TFAW is still a big operation, but they do sell out of books quickly.

  1. Thanks for the video guys and the clarification at the start. I think I get caught up in trying to get every possible winning comic as a spec each week and hoping they all take off lol That said, I already noticed that Apocalypse Girl #1 sold out at Midtown from the picks you guys is the Pence one-shot book.

    1. A huge part of the secondary market and spec game is, sometimes the quick flip is just that. Supplies that are low on release day create a hype that some people go into “must have now” mode so they pay higher premiums for the book. After a while, the books drop back down to real world prices.
      For those that want to flip for profit, a majority of the time you need to know you have the book ahead of time and you have to already have it listed before or ASAP once the book is available for all. That’s when you gain the best chance at flipping at a higher profit before the secondary market is flooded.
      I’ve come across books at the local shop that were hot on release day and still seem to sell for double cover price but a quick look on eBay and online with dozens or hundreds listed, I’ll pass. I’ve bought books thinking I could buy for $4 and sell for $10 for quick flip only to eventually drop those books off at half price for pennies on the dollar.
      Just remember, just because it’s sold out at Midtown or TFAW now doesn’t mean it’s sold out at Diamond. Many times Midtown has shown books sold out a day or two before release only to have them back in stock a few days later (hence, they ordered more from Daimond).

    2. Don’t chase every book or you will go nuts. We point out the books we think have the best chance but it doesn’t always pan out. While a book may look like it has all the components of a win, they can still fall flat. I do several things before I enter the shop (and while I am in there). Check availability online at retailers. Check eBay for listings. If there are a ton of cover price listings I may pass. If there are no listings I might grab one and put it on for $9.99 to test the waters. Sometimes it is more important to know where a book is than to grab it on release day.

  2. Anthony:
    No forum this week due to the holiday?
    Always one of the best things to read on Wednesday.
    Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

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