Blind Adam's Hidden Gems Vol. 69

Greetings to my Comics Heating Up and Awesomesauce families. I would like to say thank you for reading this each and every week.  As always thank you for the friendship, encouragement, advice, and support. I love being a part of this and it is the greatest blessing in my life.
I wanted to wish everyone a very happy Thanksgiving. Don’t eat too much, don’t get to drunk. Thank you all for reading this each and every week. Thank you all for listening to my podcast.Supersons #10, Doomsday Clock #1 and Amazing Spiderman #791 were #awesomesauce. Can people please stop hating on the Justice League movie? It was fun ride and it was better then that Catwoman movie from 2004, DC movies have come a long way from then. Micro steals the show in the Punisher Netflix show and everyone should watch it as it is the best Marvel show, period, now lets make some money with some comics because you can’t teach that
1. DC Comics Presents #68 – second appearance of Vixen. I love Legends of Tomorrow. Great show. Everyone knows about Action Comics #521, but her second appearance is worth the chance as well, and this is it cheap, like $5 cheap
2. Canceled Comics Cavalcade #2 – According to the DC Comics website, this impossible to find Xeroxed comic from the 1970’s, which pre-dates Action Comics #521, is the true first appearance of Vixen. Vixen has an animated series, is a key member of the Legends of Tomorrow, is a member of the JLA and is starting to get much cosplay love. Good luck finding a real one, but there are reproductions of it.
3. Marvel Live #0 SDCC 1993 – this is a interesting find. This was a SDCC giveaway from 1993, back when SDCC was a low key event. This features a Stan Lee photo cover and with Marvel Age #41 blowing up, which also has a Stan Lee photo cover,  I wanted to point this out $10-25
4. Spiderman Family #8 – just a fun Spiderman comic. Final issue, tough to find in the wild $10
5. Spiderman Family #8 and #199 – 3rd Superman vs the Flash race. Due to recent events, all Flash Superman races should be on everyones radar. I believe the Worlds Finest race is the most underrated and undervalued of all the Barry races $10 and up
6. Superboy and the Ravers #7 – Superboy vs Impulse. First time Superboy Kon-el races Bart Allen, which is #awesomesauce. Superboy and the Ravers are in less than dollar boxes
7. Comico Christmas Special #1 – nifty Christmas issue with early Tim Sale art. Nothing more, nothing less, will not break the bank $1-3
8. Strangers in Paradis #90 – can’t wait for this movie. Strangers is one of my favorite comics of all time. Tough to find final issue $20 and up
9. Detective Comics #682 – the cover image of Batman was referenced in the Justice League movie  about $5-10
10. Amazing Spiderman #181 – Classic villan headshot cover. Retells the origin of Spiderman and Spiderman’s history. Punisher cameo, 8th Punisher appearance overall. It reprints the Amazing Spiderman#121-122 as well. $10 and up
11. Spectacular Spiderman #78 – early Jigsaw appearance. Billy Russo is the bomb on Netflix, only on episode six as I write this, but this issue leads into the classic three issue Punisher story in #81, 82, 83.  $2-5
12. Spiderman Renew Your Vows #1 and #2 Deadpool Variants – great series. Dear Marvel, retcon one more day please? That new Deadpool trailer is #awesome-sauce. and compared to the Amazing Spiderman issues that feature deadpool in the #600’s, these are very cheap $20
13. Deathmate #1 Advance Comics Preview – Deathmate has a huge print run but there are a few gems in the series including this black and white preview from Advance Comics and it is cheap $5 and up
14. Final Crisis #7 – who here is excited for the two night, four part, Arrowverse crossover? I can’t wait, might have to make a dvd of it. This comic features the death of Overgirl, the Supergirl of Earth x. All final crisis issues are in dollar boxes and cost up to $5. Final Crisis #3 is her first, but we all know that right
15. Damage #1 – The son of the Golden Age Atom. First appearance. I can see damage making his way to say, Legends of Tomorrow. This is in dollar boxes maybe even in the quarter boxes happy hunting.
16. All Star Squadron #31-35 – origin of the Freedom Fighters of Earth X. Awesomeness,  Arrowverse, do the math, Arrowverse plus great concept equals money #testify
17. Grendel #19, #20, #21, #22, #23 – classic Comico Grendel, early Tim Sale artwork,
cheap and worth the hunt, as is the entire Grendel run.
18. Cable #25 – first Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale team up in a Marvel comic. Deadpool 2 means all things Cable can heat up $5
19. Daredevil #62 – Karen Page leaves New York City for Hollywood to start an acting career. Good for you Karen, good luck with that. Born again is the basis for season three and this is a key lead in to those events. $5-25 depending on grade
20.  Daredevil #43 – first break up between Matt Murdock and Karen Page. When I finish watching The Punisher I am going to rewatch The Defenders and both seasons of Daredevil (as well as try and book a private signing with the actress that plays Karen Page). This is a key Karen book which there ain’t that many of. What is Karen really known for besides Born Again being Matt Murdock’s girlfriend and dying in Vol. 2 #5? Snag the black variant cover for that one, but this is cheap in all grades
I love you guys . once again have a great thanksgiving, don’t drink and drive, and don’t punch out any moms over the Last Tickle-Me Cookie Monster doll or the flat screen TV on Black Friday. But if you do see any hot moms fighting in aisle five, video it and email it to
God bless you all
blind adam out

17 thoughts on “Blind Adam's Hidden Gems Vol. 69”

  1. Incorrect on Flash 30 being the new wally west first appereance, its flash annual 3, look up the cgc copy u will see they noted flash annual 3 as his first appereance and teen titans rebirth on cgc is his first appereance as kid flash. Flash 30 aint worth nothing just fyi

    1. It’s technically a first appearance. Or maybe just a cameo? Either way it’s the first time we see a version of the new 52 Wally west. There is a photo of a future version of him in a newspaper article about his death. The market can change their opinion on what is a true first appearance whenever they want really. That’s why this is a HIDDEN gem.

  2. Karen Page is quite possibly the worst or 2nd worst character in the Marvel line-up right now. I was counting down the time for when she needed to cry on the Punisher—I can’t even believe she lasted that long. Between her playing with her hair and bullshit crying at every turn, they should have just made her Iron Fist as well and saved the $$$ on casting and time.

  3. Amazing Spiderman Renew your vows #1 is also noteworthy for first appearance of Annie Parker who might have future potential.

  4. Great list as always! Tried looking for that Canceled Comic Cavalcade #2. Nowhere to be found. If it is a xerox comic I am not sure it will ever be listed as the true first appearance of Vixen. If it is too easily faked I doubt the grading companies will even accept them for grading. When the “good Morty” was heating up last month reports of fakes started popping up all over the place. I called CBCS and talked with them for a little while and they said at that time anyway they would not be accepting any of the mini comics for grading since it was so easy to fake them. If the Canceled Cavalcade #2 is the same way it might be best to avoid….Just my opinion. Since I have never seen one it may not be all that easy to fake. Just anything xeroxed has the potential to be abused, which is a shame. Would be fun to try and hunt that one down.

      1. That’s cool that they aren’t trying to pass them off as the real thing…If the price isn’t too bad it would be fun to read through.

      1. It’s killing me. I had sold a single staples brown hair copy and the buyer wanted to return it because it “was fake”. The problem is he sent me a black haired double stapled copy. Clearly not the copy I sold him. I contacted eBay and they sided with me that it was not the book. Then they turned around on Thanksgiving and reversed it saying that he was owed the refund because he returned the books. I hate ebay and this was a slap in the face. He did not return the book I sent him yet ebay still gave the refund.
        Sent from my iPhone

      2. I hope you’ve blacklisted this buyer moving forward.
        I’d just start doing quick video of me packing and sealing the correct items in case I ever needed to prove it again.

  5. Love the information you put together every week, but I wanted to let you know that Loeb and Sale worked together on Cable 23, not 25. At least that is what I found on the sites that I looked at. Anyway, keep up the good work, it is always informative.

    1. I have no control over the ads. They are run by WordPress. The site runs on wordpress and to offset the costs of hosting such a massive site with the traffic the site gets, they run ads.

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