Cheap Variant Alert: CHU Black Friday Deals UPDATED

We used to run reader’s Black Friday deals. It was cool. People got into it and offered up cheap books. We are bringing that back. I will be running some site deals starting now. They are limited and cheap. Check them out below.



Venom #151 TCM Variant $4.99 Shipped









Solar Flare #1 CHU Baltimore Comic Con Variant $6.99 Shipped








Mindbender #1 ComicXposure Variant $4.99 shipped









Star Wars Adventures #1 Hall of Comics Variant $4.99 Shipped









Amazing Spiderman #1 COBRA Variant $6.99 shipped







Suicide Squad #1 (Rebirth) Bermejo Variant Signed By Lee Bermejo (These are marked at $11.99, make an offer at $6 to get them at $9.99 shipped)





Danger Doll Squad #0 Regular And Risque Comicxposure Variants $12.99 shipped





Edge Of Venomverse #1 In-Hyuk Lee Variant Comicxposure $12.99 Shipped







Amazing Spiderman #789 Shattered Comics Variant Signed Matt DiMasi $29.99 Shipped (these sell for $40 unsigned)





















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  1. Wells Floyd says:

    Great great great!

  2. Stephen Hale says:

    Would love to buy the ASM 129 Homage, but man, that signature placement is Eh.

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