Walking Dead Midseason Finale Spoiler

Holy Cow!
The Walking Dead TV show takes a huge divergence from the comic book by a shocking soon-to-be-death is Season 8 Epiode 8 “How It’s Gotta Be”. Spoilers ahead. If you have not watched tonight’s Walking Dead, do not read ahead. The rest of you, feel free. 
Last chance before we get into the spoilers.
Seriously, last chance.
Ok then.
It may come as no surprise to some, especially since Chandler Riggs is in college and there have been talks about him leaving the show, but looks like Rick will have to deal with the loss of another family member as All Out War concludes in the second half of Season 8. Rick and Michonne meet up with Carl who pulls back a bandage to reveal he has been bit by a walker.
I know Poyo is cheering. The meme’s of “Where is Carl” from the early seasons, as Rick always seemed to lose Carl, have finally shown some consequences.
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    1. I’m still picking up 132 and 138 whenever I find them, LCS’s dropped the prices since Alpha got killed off so $5 each is a good “sit on em for a year” price

    2. They’re certainly not heating up like they once were but can still fetch a decent premium. But I’ve toned down my copies purchased now. I use to buy 2, then switched to 4, sometimes more.. now I’m back down to like 2.

      1. I stopped spec’in on TWD about a year ago. And in fact, I am selling my complete TWD collection. I still enjoy the comic, but lost interest in the show around season 3-4. I’ll be reading this via trades from here on out.

        1. I think it really is time for Kirkman to start thinking about exit/end strategy to be honest. Unless he comes up with some really clever plots and stories that aren’t regurgitating the.. peace time, war time, peace time, war time cycle we’re seeing.. it’s just gonna keep on being redundant and people will certainly start losing interest.

    3. I still want to see the Whisperers on the TV Series, but I was really looking forward to Lydia french-kissing Carl’s eye socket, and now that’s impossible for the show! Unless, Rick loses Carl before he can put him to rest and Zombie-Carl joins the Whisperers horde…

  1. Gotta love the torso bite. Rofl. On the show, if someone is surrounded, all the walkers go for the arms in slow motion and get blocked. When there is a single walker, they jump out quickly and go for the love handles! I guess Carl got surprised.

    1. It was like 2 walkers though.. He been beating off walkers for how many years and he gets taken out by like 2 half decomposed walkers.. I wanted Carl to get shot in the face up on that podium, by Negan after Carl made him actually think about his moral values.. now that would be a cool and shocking death.

        1. Supposedly they did scenes twice, one where he drops the F bombs and others for the regular season. Supposedly you can get the unrated version on disc when it comes out. I might be opted to buy it myself if true, you can’t watch Negan without him dropping the F bomb like he does in the comics.

      1. No. They are actually using the F-word on the show now, but there is a limit to it like once every few episodes or such. I was really hoping for Coral to meet Lucille, but instead we get this off camera bite, from last week’s stupid “killing walkers for the new guy’s mom” scene.
        He needs to go in the comic. Totally useless character.

  2. I think that’s why people don’t like the show much, because it strays so far away from the comics. Was it just me or did anyone else think that the trash lady looked a little bit sexy a couple weeks ago when she was walking around the junk yard in only an apron.

    1. Actually I thought there for a bit they were doing it too closely to the comics. I like it when they keep them separate.. borrow a little bit but keep them different I say. If the show was ripped directly from the comics, I’d have no reason to watch the show..

  3. Why didn’t Carol just shoot the five people chasing Ezekiel. Why didn’t Ezekiel chain and close the doors from the outside and not with himself inside, not that this matters since Carol can easily kill the saviors in pursuit. How are all the saviors killed in the last few episodes there’s like 6 left + workers with no firearms and Negan left but in this episode we have 100’s Of fully armed saviors. With working vehicles I might add. Apparently no one was smart enough to destroy or take their transportation why they were locked up and surrounded. What happened to all the snipers that were watching the saviors hq making sure none of them escaped. I thought that was the whole point of running the vehicle through the front door to let the walkers in and snipe everybody as they try and come out. Why did everyone from the good guys group leave the war field. And 100 other plot holes I don’t have time to mention today.

    1. Because if it made sense with common sense… The show would have been over in season 2….
      But I hear ya, I think to myself… Why didn’t you do it this way? Then I’m like… Oh yeah, its a TV show. 😉

  4. How can anyone in Walking Dead die to a Zombie it’s pretty much common knowledge now that if your covered in walkers Blood they won’t pay attention to you. So why wouldn’t everyone carry walkers Blood with themor a poncho covered in it everywhere they go. There really would of never been a zombie outbreak to begin with people would just put zombie blood in their plug in air fresheners at home and perfumes they wear out then kill all the turned zombies without much risk.

  5. Horribly disappointed with the ending. Unfortunately, I feel lots of other people will be too. Signals the end us nigh for the show.

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