New Comic Spec Review Video for 12/13/17

Anthony from hosts a weekly video discussion talking about the week’s upcoming new releases. Here is this weeks for delivery 12/13/17:

7 thoughts on “New Comic Spec Review Video for 12/13/17”

  1. Looking forward to Giants and didn’t know about that Judas book. I’ll be looking for that now. Also no Terry this week?

  2. Those shelves behind you….looks like the lid is still on the box? If true where/brand did you get them. I’ve only been able to find the ones the lids don’t fit and would rather have the ones you have.

  3. Good pick on the Judas#1. Look forward to that one and agree to the spec potential. Growing up I had a Redbud tree growing outside of my house (it eventually split in half and survived and it is still the most awesome Redbud tree I’ve ever seen), but its also referred to as the Judas tree.

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