CYBER FORCE returns this March

Overseen by creator Marc Silvestri (WITCHBLADE), writers Matt Hawkins (WARFRAME, THINK TANK) and Bryan Hill (BONEHEAD, POSTAL) and artist Atilio Rojo (SAMARITAN) will relaunch the classic series CYBER FORCE this March.

To protect the future, what will we become?

In a modern world where humanity is defined by the technology it creates, a terrorist strikes at the heart of human progress. One of the few survivors of the attack is a man named Morgan Stryker.
Mortally wounded, Stryker’s life is saved by his employers…but the price of his survival could be his humanity itself.
“I’ve always loved CYBER FORCE,” said Hawkins. “These heroes are more technologically based, and we’re very close to transhumanism as it is! This story has a philosophical slant to it that is very appropriate to the changing times we’re in.”
“CYBER FORCE is what first interested me in Top Cow,” said Hill. “My first pitch to Matt was set in that universe. When Marc created it, concepts of transhumanism and its effect on society were just esoteric theory, but now we live in that reality. We’re a species using technology to ‘perfect’ ourselves, but in what image? What happens when evolution stops being a natural process and becomes a mechanized one? What is the future of this new humanity? I hope to engage these ideas in CYBER FORCE…and blow a lot of things apart in flame and steel.”
“It is a special honor and an enormous pleasure for me to participate in this project,” added Rojo. “I will give my best, as always!”
CYBER FORCE will launch in March 2018.

3 thoughts on “CYBER FORCE returns this March”

  1. I consider Witchblade to be the flagship title of Top Cow. It is their longest-running series, drew the most attention, and served as an inspiration for other female-lead titles in it’s wake. I’m glad Witchblade is back (though I haven’t gotten to read the first issue yet); though I hope they return to Legacy Numbering to maintain it’s long-term status in the Top Cow U. Cyber Force is the Original Top Cow title, Silvestri’s primary contribution to the start of Image Comics, and I’ve bought every Cyber Force book every time it returns from a hiatus, and re-works it’s own continuity, and inevitably ends time-and-time-again… but I’m still going to check out the new title, and hope for the best. The last volume had the most potential, with a First in the comic book world, offering physical copies of the first 5 issues for FREE to readers. It seemed like a sure thing that it would guarantee more people to stick around for #6 onward at-cost… but I think the delays between issues are what did them in. I worked at a comic shop at the time, and by #4 & 5, people weren’t even looking for them anymore because they forgot they were even coming out by the time they appeared on shelves. But regardless, the series still got a lot of hype, especially compared to the short series from the mid-2000’s that ended on a cliffhanger… and even with the story completely changed, we still did get to end up seeing Aphrodite’s history merged with Cyber Force, in a way that continues both tales with a single series. Glad to see she is still a central figure in this new series, too.

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