Blind Adam's Hidden Gems Vol. 71

Greetings to my Comics Heating Up and Awesomesauce families. Wow, it is almost Christmas, Star Wars the Last Jedi, & Hanukkah time. The festival of lights needs more songs on the radio. I am sick of only Christmas songs already. If your looking for a hidden gem of a read, check out Peter Pan and the Warlords of Oz. It is a series of one shots from 1998. Had to find and pricy, but a great story.
Thank you guys for everything, as usual. Now lets make some money with some comics because you can’t teach that.
1. Dell Four Color Comics #285 – This is the first appearance of bozo the clown in comics, so it is
just a cool piece of history. Once upon a time people liked clowns and they were popular on TV. Now thanks to it, Joker, and the clowns from Sink people are just creeped out by them. I want to see a Joker vs Bozo the Clown mini series as Bozo needs to get his butt kicked by the clown prince of crime $20 and up
2. Spiderman Unlimited #13 (Vol. 1) – the reunion of the Heroes for Hire. Luke Cage and Iron Fist Netflix shows. Season two of Luke Cage is rumored to be Heroes for Hire, so this could be snagged while it is
just a five dollar book for now $5.
3. Stan Lee Meets the Amazing Spiderman #1 – Stan Lee meets Spiderman. This also has a Joss Whedden written back up story. Stan Lee and Spiderman fans should snag this one $10
4. Comics Reader #179 – Stan Lee photo cover. With Marvel Age #41 all the rage, I wanted to point out another Stan Lee photo cover. This is a tough find in the wild and goes for $100 in NM raw. Happy hunting
5. Marvel Fumetti #1 Stan Lee photo cover. Might as well point out all the Stan Lee photo covers I find. This is another one and goes for $20-40
6. Just Imagine Stan Lee The Batman #1 – Stan Lee, Jim Lee, and the Batman, this equals a pimp hand of doom and money $10 and up
7. Green Hornet #1, #2, #3 Bruce Lee Photo Covers – In low grade these are very cheap. One day the Green Hornet will get his due, but, I do love
the Bruce Lee covers. happy hunting
8. Rocko’s Modern Life #1 (Marvel) – first appearance of Rocko in comics. New series of the classic fan favorite cartoon undervalued and in dollar boxes
9. Worlds Finest #289 – Batman and Superman have a slumber party of justice. They watch worms from space make love. I am not making this up. This happened in a  comic in the bronze age. I repeat, the alien worms
fell in love with the bromance of Superman and Batman being honest in the fortress, WTH was DC smoking? $3-10
10. Flash #115 (Silver Age) – Flash vs Grodd. The Flash becomes very, very fat. Grodd was awesome in the last episode of Legends of Tomorrow and this is a great example of silver age DC just fun and insanity $20 and up
11. Uncanny X-Men #194 – The Gifted is a great show. This is the first appearance of the Von Strucker twins which the teen age mutants are based on. The Gifted is doing a great job with b and c list mutants $5-10
12. Good Housekeeping Magazine December 2017 Deadpool variant cover – This is such a great marketing gimmick. Deadpool as the special guest editor. Tips on cutting the Thanksgiving turkey, so worth the money and will be desired for years
13. Wonder Woman Rebirth #1 Euro Variant – This is a sweet Lee Bermejo variant from Europe. This edition was limited to only a few thousand copies happy hunting $50 and up
14. Avengers #125 – Thanos in the Avengers possibly his first in Avengers. This is what my research turned up. Interesting appearance.
15. Marvel Tales #266 – reprints Amazing Spiderman #252. Venom and the black costume are all the rage. I believe this is the first reprint
of #252 why so cheap $1-5
16. Barbarella #1 – New series from Dynamite. Cult following bad girl ar,t this is the first appearance and it doesn’t even crack triple digits
17. Untold Legends of the Batman #1,2,3 – if you can find it on youtube, listen to the audio of this. It is just f-ing #awesomesauce. My question, why doesn’t this mini series get the same love as Man of
Steel $5-10 sets are cheap
18. Deathstroke #8 Teen Titans Go Variant – Deathstroke is a media star. Arrow, JLA movie end credit scene, Titans Go cartoon voiced by Ron Perlman. This variant is a nice radar book $15 and up
19. Lobo Paramilitary Christmas Special #1 – I mention this every year at this time. Lobo might be on to something about the holidays. The Easter Bunny hires Lobo to kill Santa and Lobo ends up killing them both.  Once again, youtube the fan film that does this comic shot for shot. Lobo books are heating up now $10
20. Lobo #0 – Lobo, Santa Claus and Superman Just in time for your holiday reading. $5
Thank you again for everything. Thanks for being one of the greatest blessings in my life.
blind adam out

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  1. It would be awesome seeing a Joker VS Bozo….Or better yet a Joker/Bozo team up! That’s right, Bozo goes nuts and becomes evil…just like all clowns eventually do!

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