Clayton Crain Covers Venom for Venom Inc. Omega

Fan Favorite Clayton Crain, who has done some pretty wicked images of Venom in the past, has a sick cover coming up for Venom Inc. Check it out below.

These will go up for pre-sale on Wednesday.


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15 Responses to Clayton Crain Covers Venom for Venom Inc. Omega

  1. WM says:

    Who’s selling these? Please don’t say Comicxposure!!!!!!!

    • Stephen Hale says:

      I got an email from them……..and yup!

      • agentpoyo says:

        It’s funny. That’s the only emails you’ll get from them. If you ever have to contact them about your order, damages, lost shipments.. they go radio silent, as if they vanished like a fart in a car with the windows rolled down.

  2. Michael Dodulik says:

    pre-sale where !? this is disgustingly sick !

  3. JayClue says:

    If someone was a Venom cover collector/completionist, I think their respective collections may have doubled in size over the last year. I am curious to know how many store exclusives featured venom or some form of, on the covers this year. Craziness.

  4. Richard G. says:

    Who’s selling these? Please don’t say Unknown Comics!!!!!!!

  5. Bill says:

    Whaddaya know – another Venom cover.

  6. Jeremy Abbott says:

    IM trying to find the price on these. I read something about one being a 1:1000. Not sure..

  7. Kevin verdine says:

    I’ll wait for the venom at Disney world variant 1:1000 Jim lee sketch variant. Or maybe the Hughes ASM 300 homage 1:1500 variant signed with not silver ink…. but gold !! Or the A B C and D Campbell variant covers. A sexy venom!?!? Yes please.

  8. Jeremy Abbott says:

    I didn’t a google search for Venom variant and it broke the internet. Then it said too many possibilities, please refine your search.

  9. A. King says:

    That’s not a bad cover. Pretty nice.

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