Poyo's Spec and Drek for Dec. 20th, 2017

It’s that time again. When we spend our hard earned cash on new comic books. Sure Christmas is this coming Monday but that’s not going to stop us from stopping by the ‘ol local comic shop to pick up some goodies for ourselves.

This is another light week for me. Just not a whole lot that grabs my attention, mostly reader books. for me this week.
DC/Vertigo Pick
This weeks pick is picked solely for the cover art. Anthony mentioned it in his spec video but it goes to Batman #37 Olivier Coipel Cover (which by the way, I have a hard time pronouncing myself, one amongst many to be honest).
This ends the two story bromance arc between Bats and Sups, then we kick off a new story arc, “The Origin of Bruce Wayne” where we possibly meet a brand new villain in the Batman Universe, what some are calling the opposite of Batman, the Anti-Batman. I just hope they don’t end up calling him that.
Another mention goes to Dark Nights Metal #4 that we saw some spoilers for. We need to pay attention to this book and title as it’s interrupting the DC Universe with story lines, characters, and who knows what else.
Marvel Pick
The Marvel pick this week goes to Deadpool vs Old Man Logan #3 based on the silliness of the cover. It’s a bonus that it’s a Declan Shalvey cover as well. Logan’s claws going through Deadpool’s head, pushing his mask out from his face is just classic Deadpool fun for me.
There is just nothing else that grabs my attention. There’s the reboot Marvel Two-in-One title that brings back The Human Torch and The Thing from Fantastic Four.
I think all this Marvel Legacy stuff going on, I’m sure we’ll be seeing a launch of bringing back Fantastic Four eventually. Maybe they can make them cool again or maybe it will be that Marvel book they try to keep going but today’s generation just doesn’t care about.
Indie Pick
I keep picking this book, because it’s got my full attention. It’s just pure indie. This book won’t heat up or be a spec book but it’s being picked just because I think it’s a great read. It might not be for everyone but as an Indie Comic Book lover, this one I’m just enjoying on all levels.
This weeks pick goes to Beautiful Death #4. I just wish it wasn’t ending. But once the story is told, it’s told. I’m just hoping it leaves off where we could see more in this new apocalyptic world by Matheiu Bablet. The description certainly makes it seem like we are not seeing the end of this awesome mini-series.

The apocalypse has been and gone. The age of humanity is at an end. Horrifying insectile aliens from the depths of infinite space are now masters of the Earth! What does resistance mean, when there’s nothing left to fight for? That’s what Wayne, Jeremiah and Scham, the only survivors of the devastating invasion, struggle with day after day – Seeking a new purpose, a glimpse of a worthwhile future, to justify their futile presence in a ruined world. They pick through the remains of humancivilisation, keeping out of reach of the bugs, none of them suspect that they are part of a much larger plan, one that involves another, unknown survivor…

Small Publisher Pick
This pick goes to Backways #1 from CHU favorite Justin Jordan. Yes, we give Justin lots of love but you know, he writes good stuff.
This title is from After Shock comics and it dives into the world of magic.
From the description:

There is a hidden nation. A nation of magic and madness, one that exists in all the forgotten spaces. Your basement, your attic, the haunted house down the street, anyone of those might be a part of the Backways. Anna Merrick lost someone in the Backways, and she’ll stop at NOTHING to get them back. Even if it means unleashing something unimaginable. From Justin Jordan (STRAYER, Green Lantern: New Guardians) and Eleonora Carlini (Batgirl, Doctor Who) comes the BRAND NEW series of magic, mystery and mayhem that is sure to appeal to fans of Harry Potter & The Chronicles of Narnia!

Now on with the dreaded “avoid” pick, every writer and artist worst nightmare when it comes to selling their hard work.
Last week I warned everyone to stay away from the Phoenix tribute covers, so that continues but for this week (don’t hate me Anthony), I’m actually telling people to avoid Sink #3.
I’m not saying avoid it altogether. What I’m saying is, don’t pay a premium for it and if you can’t find it, wait. Stores might be sold out online but these seem to make their way back and or one can find them at cover or cheaper after the fact. These also seem to make their way on Comix Tribe’s online store as well (just don’t pay extra money for them to “pack it properly” to prevent damage..  ).
That’s all folks. Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Happy Winter Solstice, Happy Hanukkah (which I think ends on comic book Wendnesday)..  Festivus for the Restofus..  whatever it is you celebrate, hope it’s a good one.
Also, if you find yourself driving or out in the in the last minute shopping craziness, remember..  Poyo says, don’t be a dick to others!

8 thoughts on “Poyo's Spec and Drek for Dec. 20th, 2017”

    1. Yeah, its one of those few books that leaves an impression. I think I’ve mentioned all 4 issues now as my picks.

  1. Not sure if you mean that it is ending with this issue, but it looks like there is another issue coming out in January. So, maybe that is the last issue.

    1. You referring to Beautiful Death? Hmmm, unless they extended it, it was originally suppose to be a 4 issue series.

  2. When I ordered Sink #1 from their website I didn’t pay extra and it arrived in good shape. I was a little worried though.

    1. Heh, yeah. They should pack everything they sell with care, not make their customers pay for such thing. I’d be nervous too if a business stated I should pay more to avoid it being damaged..

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