Recalled Comic Alert: Headlopper #8

Headlopper #8 is another one this week to look out for. It has been recalled for a “printer error”. When we find out more we will let you know.Seems there were several publishing errors this week. Headlopper #8 is available at Midtown Comics. TFAW and Mycomicshop are sold out or have pulled them.

Thanks to Simon P. for sending this over.

8 thoughts on “Recalled Comic Alert: Headlopper #8”

  1. I wasn’t able to get one today because I only had time to go to my main shop and because earlier issues didn’t sell well for them they had stopped ordering more than what was preordered.

  2. So does anyone know what the error is? Andrew MacLean says anyone who’s getting the recalled book is missing a part of the story, but he won’t say what exactly is wrong with the book.

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